Does the AI cheat?

Just had a game of regular conquest against the AI in one of the special maps just for some fun and all cause I’m pretty casual about the game, have been for years and years. And I’ve always questioned some of the AI’s units in the endgame, and how for literally 30 minutes they will just somehow have non-stop Trebuchets, Rams, Elite skirmishers, and unique units coming from their base to raid me.

I play very defensively against the AI I just find it fun so I was playing britons with lots of castles and longbow men and I was struggling to keep up with JUST training lowbow men, and I checked the map there was literally 0 gold mines left and the AI was barely mining the stone and had way less farms than me, I think all combined they just had as many as me. And as for wood I had about 65-68 wood choppers and the AI had about the same amount spread around the map.

So how on earth was the AI able to constantly make so many trebuchets which cost 200 W 200 G, rams which cost lots of wood, Paladins, unique units and skirmishers just constantly from their base?

I even checked the end score card and I had way more wood than them all and purple only made 12000 out of 4 relics so relics weren’t giving them the amount of gold required for all those resources.

The game went for 2 and a half hours before I gave up because I couldn’t keep up with the army spam.

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no they don’t

the AI in the original game would get small amounts of res (when aging up) on higher difficulty, but the new ones don’t


It looks like their army composition was much better then yours. They didnt had to replanish that many units compared to you. Longbowmans are pretty bad with dealing with rams. They soak up a lot of damage, while his units could kill your longbowmans. Based on your story i think you lost much more units then the AI. So you need much more resources to replanish your units.


Why do you have so many on food when only training longbows?

No, the AI does not cheat in any respect.

The AI is very solid with keeping steady production and it abuses the market constantly. You will have trouble beating it at it’s own game if you don’t have solid fundementals.

That being said, for a seasoned player with strong macro, the AI isn’t really much of a challenge. It’s army control is extremely lackluster and it tends to seek out resources in really bad locations when under pressure (it doesn’t defend it’s economy very well) so it’s really easy to beat them in the earlygame with pressure and in the later stages with superior army control.


AI does not cheat with resources. The only ‘cheats’ AI have is that it knows you current population and maybe some other data (although I’m not entirely sure), as well as precise location of your target fire. Also you might consider it’s infinite APM cheating, but that’s arguable.

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It doesn’t have infinite APM, even the extreme AI eventually stops kiting you.


though early release and vills vs arrow fire was :rofl:

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Lol 360 noscope dodges for 10 minutes straight

The only “cheating” I think that it abuses implicit information you only get indirect via score tracking.
How the eco difference is, how much army do you have, if you are aging up or not.

So it can sometimes feel like the AI outsmarts you if you try some out of the box strats to “surprise” it.

Also I’m not sure about that, but I think the AI knows where it’s ressources are, I tried several times to lame the sheep but never had success with it.

Besides that, the AI is scripted and doesn’t use any “cheat codes” to get res or something.

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Totally untrue. I can’t count the times I found the AI’s sheep far in castle age 11 Trying to toggle auto-scout right from the start of the game would easily show you why it happens.

Only thing the AI knows is your pop. Literally nothing else. If you have like 10 skirms at home, if the AI didn’t scout them it won’t dare to attack you just because you have more pop.

And “out of the box” strats completely destroy it. Like you can get away with FC mamelukes if so you wish, the AI will just fold. Mass steppe lancer? ez. Kamandaran+war eles in castle age? straight out murder.

The answer from the devs to this question.

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The reason they make so many units is because their resources are literally stuck at 0 through the entire game, the only time they get more than 100 resources is to save up for and immediately purchase something.

I wish the 200 taunt to make AI cheat worked on the DE Extreme AI. I tried it on Extreme HD AI and it was complete crap compared to the DE AI. They need to add an AI Apocalypse difficulty where the AI micros 50 monks at once and dodges every arrow or add the 200 taunt to DE AI.

The DE Extreme AI is actually worse with micro to make them less annoying according to the AI dev. Other than Viking Extreme AI on fast speed, they’re no challenge for me anymore.

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some difficult AI here, based off of promi DE AI

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I was selling the food to make gold and was selling wood too for gold because we had run out of gold mines

Thanks for the info guys, I never did learn the deep info on the AI, as I said I play very casually and don’t even play much of the multiplayer. Looking at all the info now and how the AI can mega micro everything it does make sense how they could send these units non stop.

Ok i did a 4v4, and was defeated after like 20 minutes (Definive new AI for all). After check back, my 2 AIs both have no stone, very less resourse while in other team, there is a AI went up to near 20k resources each. How is it possible if they dont cheat on resourse? 20k in 20 mins?

They don’t cheat, so I’m not certain why you preface the question as such, besides insinuating that they cheat.

To be blunt with you, if the AI is floating that much resource, the AI was probably bugged since it wasn’t properly spending their resources, or you were playing on a low difficulty. The AI will delete villagers as it stops losing as many units so they can produce more and keep their resources as close to zero as possible. Then again, you lost in 20 minutes, so maybe there’s an artificially set time for when the AI is allowed to start killing villagers.

I should make it known that the AI pretty much always trades their extra resources away to sling whichever AI is furthest behind so they can keep building and recover, which makes multiple AI opponents a bit tougher than one. In this case, I’d bet the AI traded said resources away to the player who had the surplus and they simply didn’t have time to spend it. Did you check the tribute stats?

Anywho, I digress. The AI does not cheat in any regard. If you’ve lost to it, you lost because you played poorly, not because the AI did anything untoward.

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Yes the AI does cheat. Every time I attack another team I am bombarded by another team at my Town. It never fails. How would the other teams know that I am attacking. I used to play a lot, but now I only play the other versions. I am talking about AOE III by the way. The others do the same but they are small attacks. AOE III sends their whole army which while I am trying to attack I am greatly out numbered. I like all the AOE’s except AOE III.

This is the AOE 2 forums. Yes, the AOE 3 AI cheats like there’s absolutely no tomorrow, which makes it a terrible practice opponent. It’s funny, because beyond the initial bits of the game, the AOE 3 AI is actually pathetically easy to beat once you get your key shipments and whatever civ shenanigans going that you need. Practically the opposite to the AOE 2 AI which doesn’t cheat in any way, where it starts out being pretty mediocre, but as the game goes on it makes the most of its extreme micro and manages pretty well.