Does the game require blood?

I think corpses were clearly visible but what’s the need for blood here .

I think it is just gonna be one upfront price.


Need no…but interesting yes

Hopefully it does have blood. Those that do not like it can disable it via options.


Yes. Blood Is needed for a medieval game.


Yes, this game requires blood, otherwise, they would be confirming that it is a game for kids, and at most there should be the option to disable the blood for those who don’t like it.


Not sure it’s not a gore/ghotic game like Diablo/PoE series. AoE1and2 worked fine without. I do not care much as long it does not ruin visibility on troops. I do not wanna loose visibility gameplay for realism.

No, is familiar like…very friendly.

I think it should be just like AOE 2 DE. I think there should be a toggle option to turn it on/off. By the way, I have played all of the Relic’s rts games, they had this as an option. Just not in the in Homeworld game, you know because space…


LOL, I see what you did there. Total War Shogun (??) had a blood dlc which we had to pay for. I really don’t want that type of cash grab from this game.

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Community will make a blood mod.Also first AoEs not have blood.

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We don’t even know if AoE4 is mod-able…

first AoE havent blood?

Check the video.
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It’s not totally necessary, but it’s too important to dispense with it.
You should have the ability en-/disabling blood without using a mod.

I remember aoe2 doensn’t have blood

It is moddable.
“However, Isgreen suggests it will also support modding through a suite of technologies, providing tools for community creators.”