Does this game need Peer to Peer hosting option?

Does this game need Peer to Peer hosting option? You can keep the server based hosting. But at least give players the option for Peer to Peer hosting.

Or does it not need Peer to Peer hosting?

  • Yes. It needs this option.
  • No it does not need this option.

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What is peer to peer hosting?

There you go. Literally the first thing that came up on google.

Have you not played AOE 2 2013? That uses peer to peer hosting.

HD and voobly both use peer to peer. DE uses dedicated servers for playing online.

I am not really sure what would be the benefit of peer to peer hosting instead of the dedicated servers. Yeah, those servers can be laggy, but so can peer to peer. I even think lag is less with the server. Except at this moment in TGs, which is very much laggy. So people would now vote for peer to peer. But is am not really sure if that would made any difference. It might even more laggy with peer to peer…

I also think most people dont really know the pros and cons of servers vs peer to peer. So i am not sure if this poll is useful at all…

With the option peer to peer hosting. I could host a game with everyone in my neighbourhood. (realistically same country or near country) And don’t need to connect to some bad laggy server anywhere. Or the best case scenario, everyone in the same house.

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