Does this look like it could be a good balanced map¡

map size is giant size

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Yeah why not? Actually it looks like city of lakes which is in team game for vote to pool this weak, or like partial mediterranean.

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No one side will have less building space and more water. It does look fun though.

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agreed, il probably add swallows between those small gaps too for chokepoints

What is the purpose of the map? Since it’s giant sized I assume it’s for 8 players. Would you want to play 4v4’s on it or ffa/diplomacy? And would starting positions be random, set as a scenario or nomad style? Those things make a big difference.

Also, nice great lakes map.

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Well most of my maps are made for Diplomacy but i’d assume this one would fit better for a regular 4v4

It depends on the TC locations and the distribution of fish. Every player should have roughly equal access to fish.

Agreed, honestly the only thing that’s kinda off putting me to this map is the fact that geographically the great lakes area don’t really have a lot of mountains and i like putting mountains :frowning: