Does this multiplier damage applies to skirmisher?


if so
why then skirmishers dont get 10% more life points using this card?

No, Skirmishers are not Shock Infantry.
Shock Infantry is cavalry-like infantry, such as Coyote Runners.

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Skirmisher has the infantry tag. The icon for that is a person in a red coat.

ok image this one, but this icon also aplies to heavy infantery, i used a editor scenary and found spanish lancer cavalry deals 3x damage versus habeldier

Yeah. Lancers don’t have a negative against heavy infantry. Halbs do have both abstractinfantry and heavyinfantry tags.

could you mention all shock infantery? image is shock infantery correct in English?

Yeah that’s the correct wording as Eaglemut said. But shock infantry doesn’t have the infantry tag.