Doing The Last Test of Strength for a civilization

So I am about to do the Last Test of Strength IV on the Rus Mastery Chart. It took me a little while but I finally got here. my question is, Which Enemy Empire should I choose to fight? This will also be my first match against “The Hardest A.I.”. So, Tips, Suggestions, Lay em on me.

If you play the Rus with their early aggression (fast Feudal time, into early knights to kill enemy villagers), then that play style would be effective against the slower civilisations like the Delhi or Abbasid.

If you like to turtle up, with lots of walls and keeps, a Rus vs Rus match could be fun too.

If you’re playing a water map, I have no idea how to play Rus on water!

The Rus on water is effective to an extent because any ship that you have can be modified into another vessel. so a fishing boat could change into a transport vessel or an attack ship with an archer crew. however, I think it was the English navy, They showed me who was boss of the water man. im telling ya, they Really love those boats. or at least the A.I.'s do. Anyhow I did it. it was a lot easier than expected actually but then again I have spent the last 3 days doing solely Rus so I think I got the Hang of it down.

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I almost forgot to say Thank you for the advice Bro. Feel free to add me as a friend or something. we can Play a round here and there. my Username in game is IAmSoThirsty.