Donjon and Krepost

Hi everyone, just a quick question on these two unique buildings.
In your opinion would it be bad (or good) that Donjons and Kreposts were able to research the elite upgrade of the units they can train?
Just the elite upgrade, no other technologies.
Right now I think the most important upgrade for Konnik is Stirrups and for Serjeant obviously First Crusade, both of them would still need a castle.
What do you think?


It’s not like either of those civ is overperforming, but it makes more sense for the Krepost. The Donjon is just a spicy tower.

Kreposts could do everything that castles do except make trebs and Bulgarians would still be balanced.


–This will make bulgarians and sicilians as strong as 2019 cumans.
By the way kreposts should not create konnik too. Strong unit and can easly mass with kreposts.

How so?
Donjon training time is already much slower than castles, the elite upgrade alone is very expensive for both Konniks and Serjeants, plus without Castle, no Stirrups and First Crusade.
It’s not a discount or anything.

What? Lmao

… What? :smiley:

How about knights with stirrups ? Bulgarians will access to stirrups too ealry and it will make bulgarians knights
broken.Sicilians will have 40 sejant at 25 min. 1 donjon+5 tc and gg wp.

As he said earlier no other upgrades than elite Konnik and elite Serjants.
“Just the elite upgrade, no other technologies.”
“plus without Castle, no Stirrups and First Crusade.”


naah. Still a bad idea.

Care to explain why at least?

It is actually a good idea, I like the proposal
We should give it a shot
Niether Konnik nor Serjeant are units that are used too much, or mass too often besides First Crusade
Konnik needs Stirrups to start being a strong unit (stronger than knights) and/or infantry upgrades to really trade well against cavalry counters
Serjeants are a big concern when Elite upgrade and blacksmith upgrades but that will be too late in the game anyway, I’m more worried about the FC
But this will open the gate for the Elite upgrades for the Huskarls and Tarkans in the Barracks and Stable

+1, the time could be adjusted

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I mean he thinks that Konniks are “broken”, that Kreposts shouldn’t make them, and didn’t even bother to read what your proposal actually is.

I don’t think it would matter why it is either way, as he is wrong.


I like for krepost, but not for Donjon.

Why not? I think it could encourage using a bit more Serjeant outside First Crusade, plus Serjeant Elite cost is already one of the highest at 1100F 800G and Donjon training time way slower (20s) compared to castle’s (12s).
Well, my proposal might be terribly wrong after all, that’s why I’m asking your opinions, but at least motivate why it would be bad or good, if you care to express your views, thank you to everyone.

Serjeant are still overpriced, you can’t encourage to make more this way.

In my thoughts krepost should have more hierarchy, because its cost and armor class.
I’m fine if Krepost could develop even conscription and Petard.
Donjon, like someone said, is just an steroids Tower, that even, upgrades automatically. If over that, you cam save time for castle with the Elite upgrade in some specific case could be too much advantage.

Now that Sicilians have 6/8 cavaliers and serjeant where never really good to begin. It’s not really an issue if Sicilians can research Elite Serjeants from Donjons.

This is just the incorrect way to buff that units
Elite Konnik will need the ROF decreased from 2.4 to 2.2 (with Stirrups is 1.6)
Serjeant needs the attack in castle age increased from 8 to 10 and elite from 11 to 12

Making elite upgrades researchable at those buildings will prevent both to be buffed lol.

Furthermore you have to see that both units can start production as soon as those buildings are up, if you also make both cheap to upgrade into elite form, then is a big balance problem.