Donjons should heal at full speed

Sicilians are pretty bad atm, and get progressively worse at higher skill levels.

A simple buff that wouldn’t even need a change to their tech tree: Make Donjons heal garrisoned units at full speed, like castles, rather than half speed, like towers.

That’s a bonus that will mostly help at higher skill levels, and will synergize nicely with their Serjeant play. I doubt it will fix them entirely, but it’ll be a nice little nudge upwards and could later be further enhanced as needed.


Don’t really care either way, but sure, why not.

Also, have you considered making a single thread for your ideas? I’d like that a lot more than making a new thread any time some kind of potential change occurs to you. Imagine if every post in the Hypothetical Civ Bonuses thread was its own thread.


I do post most of my ideas in larger threads, I just like to make new ones when I have a new idea I particularly like.

Those threads can often get bogged down in arguments, and I don’t want a really clean fix lost in the discussion!

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That’s reasonable. My suggestion was based on a wish for a certain level of forum organization, but I don’t believe that’s very compatible with the culture here anyway. Regardless, I think this particular topic isn’t polarizing enough to sustain much of a discussion, so I think it would be more interesting in a batch with a few other ideas.