Donkey Cart for more civs?

Of course, after give us time to see how it works.
What other civs could fit with the replacement of mining and lumber camp for this new multi-purpose gathering donkey cart?
First to come to my mind are of course nomadic civs.


I think nomadic and muslim civs must have it since these peoples are known for the widespread use of donkeys.
In general, this is not without historical meaning for India and Rome too, but within the game I would not recommend it.

In addition, authors need to control what sounds they make. I’m TIRED of bull carts neighing like horses.


It should be a generic thing for all civis except meso civis.Donkeys are common everywhere.

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I don’t even know what it’s referencing or why the devs chose specifically the Armenians and Georgians to have it. I know that donkey carts are very popular in part of Georgia (Kakheti) nowadays, but that’s the modern day, and it stands out a lot more when they aren’t common. They were probably used all the time before that.

We’ll have to see how big of a bonus having access to them is. DauT’s preview of the DLC showed that the mule carts even follow lumberjacks as they move, which should be nice for late game, though in the early game it really seems like just taking extra deer patches or even shore fish in ponds without having to spend 100 wood each will be the big benefit.

Because if you buff a civilization by giving them Mule Carts, it seems you should remove some other bonus. Though all the changes to Persians were straight buffs, so if any other civs do gain access it might just be as buffs.

Both new civs have unique bonuses that involve Mule Carts. This is like how there are no civs with “standard, fully-upgraded battle elephants” or Winged Hussars. It would be a deviation from this to just give, say, Mongols (the ‘Nomad’ civilization in AoE2 that already has Mule Cart-type mobile buildings in AoE4) Mule Carts without any civ-specific bonuses.

Obviously Mongols. UT Nomad can have a secondary effect where mule cart provides +5 pop space. However they are already OP.

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In my opinion, most civs, or even practically all civs, should have access to this.

I’m surprised that Caucasian civs don’t have access to Mining Camp and Lumber Camp. Mule Cart should be an alternative, not a complete replacement.