Don't include micro transactions in AoE 4

I know this sounds kind of odd amidst discussions but please don’t include micro transactions in Age Of Empires 4. While the world is moving towards Micro Transactions (Like GTA Online or Any EA Game for that Matter , PubG etc ) , These game’s legacy is short lived and temporarily please their audience.

AoE is a good example ( including counter strike ) on how to do things the correct way. Dota is another. You don’t have to have a micro transaction based game and so called “Pay to Win” model for everything. I honestly don’t hate micro transaction models except the fact that it invites a toxic community within the game and mostly young teens who don’t think about spending money as adults do.

A lot of people have little idea but extreme thrill on what AoE 4 will be like because of how good AOE 2 DE turned out to be. I think this game can evolve into something like CS or DoTa very soon if AoE 4 is what it’s supposed to be:

a) A Well Balanced Game with Easy to learn , hard to master tactics
b) Extremely fun to watch
c) No sign of greed from devs to take all the money they could from the audience ( Never seen in AoE before, never want to )
d) A good support from devs including new campaigns and packs from time to time .

AoE by Microsoft is one of the better things in gaming, I hope you preserve it.
These are my views tho. Some may like micro transactions , some may like other things , I would accept all the opinions that you may have regarding this post.


I highly doubt we will see micro transactions in AoE. If at all, it would probabely be skins or something like that, but that has been requested in the community from time to time. And yes, as you said AoE is a classic in the gaming world I would dare to say! :slight_smile:

already adam isgreen(creative director of AoE4) confirmed aoe4 won’t include microtransactions.they will bring dlcs,expansions but no microtransactions
adam isgreen in PcGamesN interview about aoe4

The idea of microtransactions in a real-time strategy game isn’t a thing. DLC, expansions – all of that, are things that we’re going to be exploring for Age IV.


I hope that at least for the first year of the games life they’ll add free new civs maps and campaigns or just small things and then they can start charging a small price for more dlc.

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