Don't increase the wonder cost based on the player number for all versus all matches

Hello community :slight_smile:

The developers plan to calculate the wonder costs based on the numbers of players.

It should be clear but just that they don’t forget it: Don’t calculate the wonder costs based on player numbers in all versus all games / no team matches. It doesn’t matter if played with diplomacy enabled which maybe leads to teams.

In all versus all matches the wonder costs should be not increased based on the player number. Maybe they should even decrease the costs because a wonder is very risky in all versus all matches. Often you get attacked by multiple players and you are alone. In addition no team mates can send you resources.

Kind regards

¿Por qué necesitas una maravilla en todos contra todos? Por desgracia, no es una estrategia común ni bienvenida. :neutral_face:

¿Hay mercados en los mapas de todos contra todos, no? Si es así, existe la posibilidad.