Don't leave game without letting your teammates know!

Its so annoying when your teammate leaves the game out of no-where. Most teammates just surrender out of nowhere when a single battle doesn’t favor them and I am there playing 10 mins after they left. We could have easily won if they had just stayed there. My eco was at peak, even if he just existed it would have given me enough time to take both of them out.

You might think the game is over. But for **** sake it wont hurt to just tell gg or anything. I see people just leave after they lose a single battle.

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I swear I have been in your position and its sooooo frustrating when you are screaming and yelling to them to do something or not to leave and they just leave… and they wont even speak english I swear it makes me freak out… how can you play a team game with someone you cant even communicate and WORST is that sometimes they do speak english but feel PRO enough not to answer chat messages UNTIL they are rushed and cleared off in 10 minutes, their “proness” is LAME.


Yes, that is very annoying. But sometimes the game just kicked out out for no reason. And it says you “left” the game.

This happened to me. And I was on voice chat with the people I play with. They told me I just dropped out of the game. I never leave randomly. So sometimes it’s just a bug. But yes, there are also players that just left randomly. Dont do that!