Dos Pilas Campaign

Hello guys. I am still a bit confused about the campaign Dos Pilas. If I choose to remain loyal to Tikal (OK this is different from history), Tikal almost becomes an inactive player. Will it be the same if I switch my side to Calakmul?

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Yes, Purple will retreat all of their armies and disappear (In HD version, haven’t play it on DE but I guess it is the same), it like a classic gameplay design that requires the player to do all of the things on our own.

When the first time I play this mission I hoped there will be great battle across the map and both Orange and Purple will send a large army to kill each other, but nothing happened. This is one of the reasons I dislike this mission, the Orange and Purple can just crush their enemy with 100+ unit army, but they just sit and count on us to do everything.

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Yes and it is even more confusing for Tikal since they do not serve a role in this scenario if you choose to remain loyalty to them (seems like it is against the history). At least Calakmul is invading you at the initial stage. If you choose your side, the AI becomes inactive and the gate is even locked to prevent you from getting gold in their base. That’s so weird.

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The weirdest thing is when suddenly orange loses a complete castle to the green raiders while having 40 units stationed next to it. A lot of bad design decisions in that mission, imo.

And I also do not get almost all players are Mayans but Calakmul can train Jaguar Warriors, behave like a combination between Mayan and Aztecs. If you switch your side to Calakmul, Tikal train slingers. It is fine to make the civilizations wrong as in the last mission of Attila the Hun. But what has been done in Dos Pilas just makes me feel a kind of awkward.

On the positive side, it is glad to see many bugs in HD version of this scenario have been fixed. But definitely many things have to be done to make it better.

Yes. But if you use trebuchet to destroy the castles, it goes back to Tikal. Perhaps they design this to let you finish some side requests then you get more stones.

Yes this scenario was broken for me too. After I sided the faction to the East, my town center got destroyed but all villagers, etc. stayed. So I just built a mill and collected all resources around, before my villagers got killed (they survived around 15-20 more minutes yielding several thousands of resources). This gave me enough time and economy to defend red for 15 mins.

I played it on hard btw, but I am sure that it is not supposed to be played as I won it.

I played it after the winter update, so I would be surprised if it is fixed.

Not planning to replay it as it was one of the hardest scenario if I remember correctly.

Now we have not seen they tried to make both big cities active in the mission. Instead, if you choose to go against history to remain loyal to Tikal, all of the resources you get will be taken away. This seems to be the only minor change in this mission.