DotD, DoI and TMR DLCs campaigns overview map shows just a few scenarios from the beginning

In the Down of the Dukes DLC overview map of the Eastern Europe campaigns are show for the Bohemians and Poles just a few scenarios in the overview screen, if you have not started yet and you not finished this scenarios.

For all civs of the Definitive Edition except of further DLCs like India and Caucasus, will all scenarios displayed right at the beginning, without you having to have already completed a scenario. The advantage of this is obvious, that players can play later scenarios immediately without having completed the previous scenarios. There are also players, who cannot handle all scenarios because they are made too difficult.

With the comparison to the Lithuanians of the same DLC, you can see however all 5 scenarios right at the beginning on the Lithuanian campaign map.

I assume that this graphical display error is present in all languages version at least in the English and German version. Can you fix this error soon?

Dear devs, can you please answer? Graphical errors like this are very annoying. Thank you in advance.

This issue also affects all civs of of the Dynasties of India DLC.

You can see the graphics below:

Also all civs of the The Mountain Royals DLC are affected.

You can see the graphics below:

Everything is fine with the Lords of the West DLC, where all scenarios from each campaign are displayed right at the beginning and you can also play later scenarios immediately.

You can see the graphics below:

Hi @RealMatrim2
Do you have any mod installed? The first time you select: The Mountain Royals DLC, for example, You should see this:

Thoros, Tamar and Ismail campaigns.
Selecting one of them, should only show the first scenario to select:

As soon as you finish the first scenario, you should be able to see the second, when you finish the second, you should be able to see the third one and so on.

Hi @Felizon89

No, nothing worth mentioning.

Yes, I see that too, until to this step everything is still usual.

Exactly here is the issue.

Check out the campaigns of all civs until to the Definitive edition including the civs from the Lords of the West DLC. All scenarios of the campaigns of every choose civ are displayed there right at the beginning. This also means, that you can, if you want, play a later scenario first and then earlier scenarios. This is not more possible with the newer DLCs, you have to work through the scenarios step by step until you get to the last scenario, that is silly. I always appreciated being able to choose from several scenarios at the beginning. If I have to struggle step by step for a campaign with their scenarios, it is possible, that I will not be able to complete all of them successfully and therefore, I have less choose, to play more scenarios.

Do you understand what I mean now? I hope you can improve this thing like it was handled in the old campaigns.

The only campaigns that have all missiones unlocked since the beginning are Historical Battles and William Wallace, if they were unlocked in the past was maybe due to a bug or a cheat. If you want to skip scenarios you can use the cheat ‘I r winner’ but take in mind you won’t get the achievements when using cheats.

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Well I understand. It would be nice, if all scenarios were available for all campaigns from the beginning, then I would not have to laboriously unlock them using cheats.

This may be possible because I used cheats to display the further scenarios. Thank you for reminding me of this opportunity.

Yes, the first time I unlock a scenario, I do not earn any success until I have passed that scenario.

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