Double clicking Wynguard unique units

This seems like potentially unintended behavior.

Double clicking Wynguard Rangers will also select longbowmen.

Double clicking Wynguard Footmen will also select MAA.

They are however shown as separate unit types in the command card.

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For me (game version: 6.0.708.0), double clicking Wynguard Rangers does NOT select Longbowmen, but double clicking Wynguard Footmen DOES select MAA.

Also, double clicking Sultan’s Elite Tower Elephants also selects regular Tower Elephants, and vice-versa.

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Ah I was just coming here to add that it also did it for the tower elephants. Hmm I will have to double check the rangers, maybe it did not. That would definitely confirm though that something has unintended behavior.

Thank you @JoshWise555 and @CRothlisberger—the team will take a look.

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