Download AOE 3

I have the AOE3 discs, but my new laptop does not have a dvd drive. Is there any place we can download the game? trying to create virtual discs does not work either on both disc 1 of original as well as warchiefs. Please let me know, Thanks!

Hi, there is no way to legally download the game if you haven’t bought the digital version, sorry.

I think @D34tH1999 is talking about the original game not DE

On Steam, you can buy the original or definitive edition
For DE: Buy Now - Age of Empires

Thats so stupid though… I legally bought the game YEARS ago, now that I have a new laptop without a DVD drive, I cant play it… Is there anyone at AOE who I could contact in order to prove i have the physical discs and code where they could give me a downloadable version?

The game has since been remastered into the Definitive Edition anyway, you’re better off just buying the new version than trying to make old one work.

You can get an external disc drive but it is more expensive than just buying the definitive edition.

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Steam has an option where you type in your CD/DVD key from original discs you owned and it would add the game to your Steam library. It’s under the Games tab called “Activate a product on Steam”. I don’t know if it will work for AoE, but I’ve added many of my old CD/DVD games to my Steam library this way.

Steam Product Activation

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