Downloading old patches should be simplified to review recorded games

Watching recorded games has always been a big part of age of empires, and it is impossible in DE for games played before whatever the current patch is. I’m in a small tournament right now and I can’t rewatch my games from today or other player’s games from this week because of today’s hotfix. I love the updates and the fact they are improving the game, but it would be great if we had a way to watch old games still. I think it would help the community if downloading old patches of the game was easier. There are a few methods I’ve found in forums but they involve a lot of downloads and copying system files and I cannot get it to work. Is anyone else bothered by this? How have other games solved this issue? I only play age of empires.


Being able to watching old games is an important feature, otherwise the recorded game file expiring each month actually loses its single purpose

I know from other games they just use the steam beta function to select older patches. Then it is Just selecting such beta, download it, and you can use it.

Pretty easy to use. Steam already had the functionality. Seems like the easy fix.

Not sure how this will work for Xbox live, but that platform is already trash.

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It would also be very helpful that, instead of starting and then crashing, if you click on an old recording it would show you a warning message that it was recorded under a different patch and say what the patchnumber was.
Maybe even with a copy/paste function…

Yes, this is how it worked with AoE2 HD!

Hi how and where u can download old patches?