Downside of AoE I and AoE II gameplays

One of the problems and main downside that I recently played and discovered AoE I D.E. and AoE II D.E. for some often times, (other then AoE III) and then uninstalled them, is about the extremely small scaling size of units grpahics, infastructure graphics and in-game menu icons of units, researches and upgrades. Unit details also won’t appear when you place a cursour on a unit or a building. 360 degree tactical rotation of ground units upon selection is not available. Collapse and expansion of units upon selection through mouse wheel is not available. Single command button for finding and selecting some and all military units is not available. Then military buildings lacked the tactical stances to be designated to the units upon creation.
A signficant improvement was the smooth running of the gameplay while scrolling the map and espically tactical combat engagements in AoE II D.E. as compared to AoE I D.E. which has a buggish gameplay.
I hope and it seems to me that the upcoming AoE IV may address all the previous shortcommings as much as possible.
Though AoE as a whole franchise in comparison with other civilizational (non-turn, non-micro managment based) rts games, provides much more rich and diverese gameplay expirence.