Downside of Empires Dawn of the Modern World

Well i recently played this rts a several times and what I found it that the game had very poor and foolish mistakes and conceptual blunders. What I found the game intreseting is only because of its graphic design and wide variety of unity espically in World Wars. Otherwise the quality of the grpahics is very dull and dossy. The downside of the game is;-

  1. Proper Menu features and had quality of the font is very poor. Specs of each unit/building are hardly visible.
  2. Some Nations lack homes
  3. Very poor or no ideal concept of researches and upgrades while playing the game.
  4. Unit creation tend to be very time consuming.
  5. Age advancement features are 90% wrong and non exstitant in most areas of the games like infastructures and units.
  6. The concept of road connectivity is very poor.
  7. Off game menu features are very misleading and inactive e.g. You still can’t able your population above 100 or 125.
  8. Operational/combat activity is very poorly structured and unrealistic e.g. The sound features of military while firing is poor and the combat is very sluggish.
  9. Very dull and dossy graphics at least fair then the rest of the entire Empire Earth franchise.
  10. No concep;t of Market and Trading.
  11. Lack approriate Diplomatic features which are totally useless and unrealistic.
  12. Lack variety of Nations.
  13. Why some Nations have a commander, first aid and survallence Vans, mines and air defence systems while other won’t. This is not the way to describe Cultural differences among Nations. All Nations had these units for centuries.
  14. Difficulty level not need to be very detailed like an audio level.
  15. No difference of homogenity on infastructures among Nations.
  16. Lacks data and statistical representation of data is poor.
  17. No concept of industry.
    Overall the game lacks a credible direction. Please put in the comment section below that I missed and your views.
    It is important to note that Rise of Nations is also released way far back in 2003 and 2004 and it is the rts still way ahead of its time. RoN is excellently designed, organized and structured and still compete all the upcoming rts games.
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At last you played deeply this game. Good review I agree, mostly.