Dravidians are nerfed in the new patch

This Patch nerfed the armoured elephants by reducing their hp which is is a nerf for all Indian Civilizations. But Dravidians are affected the most here.

Dravidians have the weakest Armoured Elephant comparing all Indian Civs.

  1. They have the lowest Hp since they miss Bloodlines.
  2. They are the Slowest since they miss husbandry.
  3. They miss the final Armour.
  4. They dont get Siege Engineers.

Yes they do get Medical Corps but its just 20hp per minute.

We have never seen Wootz steel effectiveness in Siege elephant. Yes it is good but the Siege elephant dies to Halb in 5 hits.

I am not saying that this nerf was bad. But increase the Elephant armour from 20 to 40. Since Halb killing a siege unit in 5 hits is too OP.

Also give a special bonus for Dravidians for Siege Elephants since they lack good siege even though they get full siege tech tree they lack siege engineers.

Dravidians need a proper nerf for water maps. It is not funny. The UU is also a joke. Way too strong.