Dravidians skirmishers plus 2 vs cavalry?

From Hera’s video their primary weakness seems to be knights and skirmishers mixed in together.

So, maybe give their skirmishers plus 2 vs cavalry? Their skirmishers are already stronger than average due to their faster fire rate against most skirmishers. Now, with plus 2 bonus attack (2 ignores armor) they can at least be a bit more cost effective against cavalry. So, their skirmishers do 3 damage per shot, instead of one, and their fire rate is faster than normal.

Take note: even a unit that has 1000 armor by using triggers in a scenario, they still will take one damage no matter what. So adding +2 damage will make it plus +3.

Dravidians skirmishers will do lots of damage to cavalry, while at the same time beating the average skirmisher unit. Put some spearmen in front of the skirmishers, and now you have 2 units that can cost effectively engage both cavalry and skirmishers.

Won’t they then beat every unit besides siege and LS ? And thanks to their 25% attack speed boost beat every other trash unit ?

I don’t think it works that way. I think only the total damage is at least 1. So they would make 3 damage to a cavaliers:

max ( 1, max(3+4-2-4, 0) + 2) = 3

but only 2 to a paladin:

max ( 1, max(3+4-3-4, 0) + 2) = 2

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Dravidians already have too many civ bonuses if you count. They don’t need more.

To help against knight+skirm, +3 spearman armor for their pikes or swap UTs. +2 vs cav for skirmishers is quite dangerous.

Teutons have 6 and nobody complains about that

I do. They should hace their two garrison space bonuses merged


This does nothing to adress Dravidians weakness in castle age but just breaks them on trash wars, and can’t even picture skirmishers being good vs hussars…