Dravidians Urumi vs Champion

As Dravidians what should be my focus for mainstay of my army? Who performs better?

Champion in all situation unless you are out of wood and only have castle to build Urumi


Urumi perform much better, but the issue is cost and production bottleneck

So it’s not always about what performs better

Like konniks are better than cavalier in almost all cases, it’s still usually better to go for cavalier over konniks due to production

For example if you’re fighting a melee civ, and you can get enough castles out with a large enough time to mass urumi (sometimes on hideout) than urumi are better than champs, because they’re more pop efficient and snowball better

They’re probably one of the top contenders for best melee snowball potential, because the more you have the exponentially faster you win a fight, and the even fewer you lose (due to charge damage)the problem is getting that ball going




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machine gun CA with BBC in late game

Eh, Dravidian EAs are still fairly niche, and will probably remain so until they at least get bloodlines. Whereas Bengali EAs I think are very strong - situational OFC, but getting the relevant speed, hp, and armor techs is very helpful. Parthian tactics is incredibly useful vs. Halbs, and Bengalis’ bonuses just lead to their EA being a more solid and versatile unit. Dravidian EAs DPS is solid of course, but IMO they’re not yet to the point of feeling better than iffy outside of closed map TGs - and even there, their speed is a liability.



On to the thread title - Urumi is much better against melee units. No contest tbh. Against Range units, Champion is better but there is no point in using them when you have faster firing skirmishers and even EA.

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Okay so I should focus my food on militia line then. And use my spare resources for archers mixed with EAs.

In the long run you cannot invest in both militia line and Urumi in a competitive setup to fully upgrade. It uses more resources as well as more brain time. So I want to choose one of them.
Urumi indeed are good against melee units but by the time they are fully upgraded with Wootz steel the map is full of castles and archers and too many ranged threats.

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Not a precise proof but by the time Dravidians release, in my game people use Urumi in the first week and then peoeple use Champion instead because it is much easier to mass . Sad to say that no one use Dravidians afterward


Not all the time. If you have the opportunity, try Urumi.

That’s bad play imo. Archer should be your main army, not the outcome of spare resource. (unless you are facing all in eagles or goth spam of course). Adding couple of EA with archer is usually good as they will provide you a meat shield. And for Dravidians, they have excellent DPS as well.