Drop Hack in AOE DE

It is not the first time, i am dropped from a winning positions (wonder built, opponent resist desperately…). Especially, in 1 match, when I completed my wonder and chat 19, immediately dropped. It is no way coincident. Please investigate.


U right, there are players with drop hack in AoE DE, i was recently kicked for some1 of [NOOB] clan

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I thought it was a bug, when I’m winning against somebody on ranked matches then the game freezes and automatically closes without any kind of advisements. It has more sense that it’s a hack because it doesn’t happen between commonly known pro-players that are also recording.

This post was back when the games were hosted peer-to-peer, the game is hosted on servers since steam update so it won’t be happening now.

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Drop hack or similar: People also intentionally desync the game causing everybody to get dropped. Usually by attempting some resource hack.

Was yesterday playing a DM game on the old client when it happened mid-late game.

We have been noticing alot of players just disconnecting themself from the internet in order to save ELO inside the multiplayer games. We don’t know what algorithm is used but if a player from the losing team disconnects then no elo is counted. Best would be to count elo from the first minute the game starts in order to stop the abuse of the system even if someone drops - the same we have in aoe2 de. Also implemention of an elo balance for the lobbies so people doing random teams will be matched equally or nearest according to their elo will be great. Thank you.


Yes guys, its a mandatory fix or some players will abuse it.
Every elo has a player disconnection rule. We just need similtar rule as Age 2 DE.

My suggestion: If one player disconnect during first 5 minutes, game will count as incomplete, if a player (1x1 or team game) disconnect after 5 minutes, game will still count.

Without any rule some players can abuse it a lot. Lets say in a 4x4, after 1 hour game, team B is losing the game, 1 player from team B disconnect, it will give no elo at all.

Also, at moment its very easy to “disconnect” from the game.
If you are playing a multiplayer game and press ALT+F4, it will show as if you disconnected, the correct is to show your resignation.
That said, if you ALT+F4 during a multiplayer should act the same way as a resignation, i think even the old age of empires work like that when we press atl+f4.

Again, fixing drop trick abuse is mandatory for elo health.

About the autobalance team based on ELO when all players pick random team would be lovely as well, it would be the best way to make fair teams.

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Are you sure the disconnected player is not losing Elo? Our tests show disconnected players are still losing Elo. The message on quitting may say +0 elo, because at this point Elo is not calculated yet, but shortly after the game is finished the losing side will lose elo, including the player who disconnected. The message is not important, what matters is the Elo for each player shortly after the game has ended. So you need to check Elo for the player before and few minutes after the game.


Thanx for you reply aoescout.

Personally ive seen both cases when there is a drop. Some games players will lose win-lose points, some times not. Good to know the system was done to prevent this abuse. Still seens like in many drop cases it will not count.

What about the 5 minutes rule ? Also, alt+F4 is acting like a disconnection, is that correct ?

Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent the user from disconnecting. Someone can use Task Manager to kill the game process or unplug the network cable, etc. So trying to stop such people is rather pointless. As long as they lose elo, it should be fine.

Currently there is no grace period (time in which you can resign without losing elo) in AOE1:DE. I guess it could be considered as a possible addition in the future if more people are interested in having it. But I can’t promise anything at this point.

Here is my Idea based on Voobly system, if a player DC :

  • He can’t earn any ELO points (to motivate them to fix their DC issues)
  • His team can ally inside game (then dev have to unable lock teams for ranked games) to ennemies in order to make lose ELO points only to the player who DC
  • His team can continue to play (if they are winning) in order to continue having fun in a good game and ELO points are earned only by winning players who are still ingame

This system works because it has been used for years in Voobly and very well accepted by everyone.

Really? People do this? What losers…