Drop your thoughts on Patch 56860 here

I liked it, really good, setting a price for wood per revo is very smart and a very good solution. Now we have to see what new things girls invent.

I’m just disappointed that there is no nerf to Incas.

PS: Devs, let me know if you take a vacation in the next few months, I think you deserve it (?

Notes: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 56860 - Age of Empires


As expected, Mexico FI was nerfed.
Take that back, it was nerfed into oblivion lol.


they addressed the worst problems with Mexico. Good bandaid fixes. looking forward to the January patch.

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Now we can finally have some constructive conversations around mexico BO and strats.

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Thank you for the feedback everyone, I’ll pass it on to the rest of the team :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, I’m looking forward to reading the discussion!

@EliteRiflemann Although not stated in the Mexico launch/todays notes, I think Inca got -1 starting villager and the Builder Travois can no longer construct Kallankas :wink:


I think some rather good changes.

They moved my favorite card the renegade Comanche to age 3 but I think it was warranted. It was probably not a good idea having 7.25 speed villager murderers in age 2. Worth noting 11 elite Comanche have enough damage to one shot a villager with great coats every 1.5 seconds.

10 Navajo will be interesting. 5 have enough damage to one shot a villager without great coats so you can split fire the shipment to kill 2 vills every 3 seconds. And 7 have enough power to one shot a villager with great coats so you can lose 3 and still have a decent raiding party.

With the hacienda gather rate nerf I calculate with max vills/cows/haciendas and no home city cards they only have a 93 villager eco. I think it’s a little annoying you have to send cards/select an age up to get a full 99 villager eco now. I think maybe they could have increased the vill limit by 5 to compensate.

Also with the Hacienda gather rate nerf I think it is more tempting to use them to make cows since they still produce cows at about the same rate so they effectively still produce 1 f/s.

I was experimenting with 2vills + hacienda → hacienda → Tlaxcala Textiles for a 6 villager shipment. Sending the hacienda would effectively buff it by 4 villagers (3 additional vills + hacienda) but now it is only grants 2.5 additional villager equivalents (2 additional vills + nerfed hacienda) so probably not worth it to send the second hacienda for this strat.

I assume to compensate for the nerf to hacienda gather rate (nerfing the age 1 card) they now have a 5 villager shipment. And now with the starting hacienda, Tlaxcala Textiles is a 4 villlager shipment. I think that means you could go 5 vills → 4 vills → Tlaxcala Textiles to get 13 vills from the home city which is the same amount of shipments needed to go landgrab → 700 wood → Tlaxcala Textiles for landgrab booming

With the -100f I think eating the starting cow to age up will probably be good otherwise it’s just seems slow.


Hang on, really? Has this been confirmed? If so, finally! Nice :smiley:

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Address most of the major complaints. Really nice work.


Great changes! I think this will make Mexico behave as intended. The revolutions are now more in line with other civ revolts, where it’s a good power spike but recovery is difficult if your push fails. There seems to be some concern in other chats that this overly nerfed the Mexican late game, but I don’t think that is a driving concern and can be addressed later once the new Mexican strats are developed


Thanks for the patch and Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this.


Hi here, this is my first message here, and i actually made this account now, i didn’t knew it shared things with microsoft accounts… Well, anyway, i wanted just to say mine about this nerfs, i got my refound from steam, so i’m quite happy now, maybe in the future, if they change some of the awful changes they made i will buy it again… Who know, for sure i will never buy in the first hour anything in the future lol, that was me just being naive…

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Mexico has a really slow early game. The only thing making it good was the central American revolution, which was diligently nerfed.


On the whole it’s an ok update changes to revolts were expected, changing the card to deliver only 2 villagers per haciendas was understandable but nerfing the trickle as well was too much, going in too heavy handed as always because the 5v shipment doesn’t make up for it late game so it’s a direct late game nerf. You’ll either need to revert the trickle change or increase the max villager pop because atm it’s only 80 and with the trickles nerfed it’s no longer on par with other civs late game.


Thank you for this mid-December “hotfix” patch :slight_smile:
It was very good year overall for AOE3DE in my opinion. You made a spectacular job fixing our beloved game and delivering new content. Enjoy your Christmas, you deserve a rest :santa:

In the future please include any changes like this into patch notes :slight_smile: Full transparency is very appreciated.


Not gonna lie.

I’m actually extremely surprised there was no nerf to “hacienda +2 vills” card (Still powerful and staple) or the cost of hacienda.


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It did get nerfed. Haciendas have less hp and have less of a trickle. Its now like 2.5 villagers on hunts instead of 3

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I completely disagree on that. I think you should test Mexico a bit without relying on broken cards and strats and play it as a civ in line with the Europeans. You’ll see they are still better than you think.

Haciendas shouldn’t even be better than mills or estates…right now they are matching the trickle of farms which is just fine.

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I never found Mexico to have a slow early game due to the 1 hacienda card +2 vils along with Tlaxcala. I think the 5 vil shipment added to Age 2 addresses the negative affects from this patch. Cheap insurgentes still makes Mexico a big threat in Age 2.


They should have a trickle because mexico have a max villager population of 80 villagers.

Previously they could get 80v, then 12v worth of trickles, then about 6.5ish vills worth from 20 cows gathering taking them to practically 99v. Now they made the silly change of lowering the trickle but giving a 5v card all that does is nerf late game. Doesn’t really effect supremacy but late game is substantially nerfed for no apparent reason.

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Oh nice, ty for the data :grin: