Du Bois Are Back in Town (Combat of The Thirty) not giving achievement?

Hey, anyone else experiencing this issue? I’m playing on Intermediate (the achievement doesn’t state I need to play on any specific difficulty) and I recruited every champion and won with 24/30 units remaining, so I thought maybe since I lost some getting there, I would try again. Lost no units getting there and won with 26 units remaining – still no achievement.

So I speed ran it and won with 30 out of 30 units remaining on Intermediate difficulty and still have not received achievement credit.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

Are you reloading at any point? Some achievements don’t seem to register if you reload a save, then complete them.

The speedrun was all in one go.

Sorry to hear you’re running into this @TheChickenWrap. I’ll get this logged internally so we can check out what’s going on.