Dual Armour

With of dual armour now being possible, I would like to put forward what I would consider an important balance consideration: Giving Huaraca and Arrow Knights dual armour as well. As “anti-artillery infantry” they both perform their role rather quite poorly. Arrow knights get one shotted by a falconet, as do huaraca. (this is even including the hidden 50% penalty that cannons have against arrow knights btw). If both of these units had 50% siege resistance (or something similar, maybe 30% for arrow knights with the penalty already existing, higher cost, less powerful against standard units, etc. etc.), they would both be far more useable in their intended role without killing their survivability against other units; what I mean is, if arrow knights had exclusively siege resist without their range resist, they would be almost entirely unuseable, as they would get destroyed by musketeers, skirms or whatever even worse than they already do. That, and they would be worse against defensive structures, which usually do ranged damage.
Oh, and importantly, it would make them much more useful at countering ships, something both units are more or less intended to do as well.


Dual or triple armor type are always a possibility with the engine, still I don’t think adding dual armor type to unit gonna achieve much. I think flat base hp increase is more useful here, for a unit that cost 2pop, both arrow knight and huaraca is bad with only 150 base hp. Increasing their base HP to 200 should be enough to consistently make them survive the first shot from falc.

A real nice buff for arrow knight or huaraca would be changing their projectile damage type from ranged to cannon to make their multiplier actually means something.

huaraca already do siege damage at range, arrow knights do ranged damage. The trouble with changing arrow knights to siege damage is the attack ceremony would no longer affect them. I think they do just fine at killing cannons, they just don’t survive the returning fire very well, which in my opinion is the real issue. A small buff to hp wouldn’t be out of line of course, but I think the fact that both of the units are taking the 3x vs infantry is just a huge issue for the units


Thanks for pointing me out, I’m not that familiar with Inca roster.

Agree with this. A group of 6-7 AK can kill 1 falc in 2 volley, those 2 volley and the buildup animation are about equal to falc fire rate, but the difference is falc can fire automatically when it’s ordered and a single shot of it already kill 2-3 AK. So for an equal battle AK cost twice as much pop space compared to 1 cannon.

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