"Due to a recent update saved file in not available"

Cannot load saved in-progress game - just get a message saying “due to a recent update saved file is not available”. WTF? How is one supposed to play this if you can’t save your in-progress game and resume it later?

While there’s some validity in what you say, the devs are EXTRA SUPER CLEAR to warn you that saved games will not function after the patch, therefore giving you the opportunity to complete it before updating the game.

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Except I did not update the game. I was playing the game, saved my progress, came back to resume the next day and could not load the saved game. Looks like the game updated itself in the background. That’s a absolutely terrible experiences. It’s programming 101 that you don’t change file formats or lose customer data. Maybe they need better developers.
And its not my job to track what the devs are saying. I did not receive any notification about changes invalidating my saved games. Dont know who they were ‘extra super clear’ to … maybe their own bubble.

It will be unlikely that this changes, so the best I can do is remind you about this. Most of the times, the saved games will not work after an update. Check out the news and if possible, disable background updating of your games. I think that’s a thing in MS Store, and perhaps Steam too.

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Thanks for the tips and for responding. Guess I just need to lower my expectations since the game is clearly still under development :slight_smile: