Duel of the Dukes (Jadwiga) is impossible on "easy"

Third scenario in the Jadwiga campaign… how the hell is anyone meant to finish it??? I’m playing it on easy, I’m attempting to cheese it (as per the hints over at AOE Fandom), and even with the military production buildings in two of the enemy’s towns taken out (but castles left standing), I’m still getting trounced.

Green is just non-stop spamming units, and I’m fighting non-stop battles at all three of my towns - there’s not even a moment of breath for me to push forward to the next enemy town. I can’t micro battles in three places at once! I’ve lost this level so many times. On easy. WTF is going on?

Devs, if you’re listening, please ease back on the brutality in the ‘easy’ versions of the scenarios! Not all of us are pros.

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I ran the game up to remind myself of this scenario, and I do remember it quite well. I don’t think I had a massive amount of difficulty doing it when the DLC came out, but maybe balance changes since then have made it harder. My APM is around 1/10th of that of a top player, so I feel most people should be able to match my APM. I also am generally unable to micro in more than one place at once. It’s possible there’s a bit of luck involved in choosing the right towns at the start. I didn’t cheese it in any way, I just took over the towns one by one, and switched my attention to any places that needed defending as necessary. If you’d find it helpful, I can record myself playing through it again and put it on YouTube for you? As I said, my APM is honestly very slow.

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i played it on hard and i got bronce medal i think

i choose the 3 towns on the left side, move my starting army to the town just north of the starting camp and sack the castle to claim the town. move from there to the south east town and sack that castle. shouldn’t take more then a few minutes. from there just converge on the center one and east town with your combined forces. doesn’t take me long to complete this mission.

How? For a standard campaign the medal is based on the difficulty you beat it on, bronze for easiest, silver for moderate, and gold for hard. The exception is the Art of War, where you get medals based on how well and efficiently you meet the criteria.

oh i didin’t know. still i got bronze medal but post say impossible

Yeah, you would have beaten it on standard. Obviously the mission isn’t impossible as the post claims, but it is probably above average on the difficulty scale. Jadwiga was given 3 swords for a reason I assume.

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i have the version when they are 2 swords 11

Maybe I’m remembering it wrong.

Thanks for these suggestions guys. Sounds like people aren’t attempting to defend the cities they’ve got, just pushing forward to take all the cities as quickly as possible? Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong. At the moment if I leave cities unwatched they’re constantly set upon with terb - ram - infantry combos, and any cav I’ve left there for taking out the siege engines get killed by by the infantry first. (Ah, the curse of aggressive stance). By the time I get back to the city half the buildings are on fire, my cav are all dead and the enemy trebs and rams haven’t been damaged at all.
This is happening in three or four places at once.

In the release notes for the October update they’ve changed Jadwiga’s difficulty rating from two swords to three swords. Interestingly, they nerfed the enemy AI in Hard, and increased the difficulty rating, but left the AI unchanged for the other difficulty settings…

Still feel like the enemy AI is too hard in Standard difficulty.

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no, devs changed it to three swords

Ah, that would make sense then.

We definitely need “Story mode” difficulty similar to AoE 4 in AoE 2 campaigns and I’m saying this because campaigns in AOE 2 DE are alot harder than AoE 4.