Dutch 3 Factories?

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I played a 3v3 tonight, and met a Dutch player with 3 factories and no revolt. Meaning, he was regular age 5. He had 6 banks, 3 factories a deck which was 100% focused on eco and cannons.
I have played dutch a bit, how come i never found a way to build 3 factories without revolt?

I tried to watch the recording, but i get “out of sync” after 30 seconds…

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Probably a cheater. 3 factories shouldn’t be possible, and cheating will cause the rec to go ‘out of sync’.

Note: just because a rec goes ‘out of sync’ does not mean that someone was cheating.


I understand that it usually produces failure in the recordings

So im not crazy, there is no card or ant possibility for Dutch to go Age 5 and have 3 factories, right?

So then somhow it can be a cheat, or an exploit…

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Yes, you are right. It was cheating.


At one point there was a glitch where you could click both age up to V and revolt by doing so from separate town centers so that could potentially do it. As far as I’m aware that was fixed awhile ago but maybe this guy found another way to do it.

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Revolution and imperial the same time?

keep the rec file and report it to dev


Dutch can revolt to South Africa and get a third factory.

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Sounds like he did SA revolt which can get 3 factories…You might not have thought he revolted, as South Africa is an eco revolt and doesn’t change his villagers to militia.

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