Dutch diplomatic envoy

The Netherlands has diplomatic envoys, narratively a unique European scout,Worst movement speed in the scout.
I suggest combining diplomatic envoys with spy and spy cards.Or can pick up resource boxes, heal allies, build trading stations and other auxiliary functions

Its just an early scout unit like native scout, its not really a unit meant to be used for anything else or really trained that much.

Aboriginal scouts and spies have cards that can be enhanced
Chinese disciples also have technology to strengthen
This unit can be useful

I agree with buffing envoys as it could help dutch early game in terms of scouting since Dutch is mostly a reactive civ but i think that might ve the wrong way to go. Its just not worth it to send a whole shipment to buff envoys.
One thing someone mentioned on esoc forums was to allow the dutch explorer to train envoys instead of getting them from the tc.
To be honest I would be happy if the unit just gets some more speed as it can be killed quite easily by an explorer.

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1 QoL feature I want for the Envoy and all other scout units is to have an Auto-Scout button. Usually I prefer to micro my Explorer in the early game, while using my scouts to well… Scout the map.

The Envoy in particular really need some buff, maybe a stealth mode, or the ability to build trading posts or to ‘Wololo’ treasure guardians and/or enemy units. Something to make it less forgetable.

Idk if auto scout would be that useful to be fair. U just need to shift click the scout around the map and u are done.
Dutch as civ in general could use a small buff to their early game to be fair as they can be a bit too slow.

It isn’t on a competitive level, but casually it’s just a small QoL feature. It’s just weird that the scouts can’t use the auto-scout function.