Dutch Fast FORTress

Hello my friends!

Fun build I’ve been doing.
I am not exactly certain why it is working, but I’ve been winning a lot lately with it.
The XP feels great (XP from banks/bank wagon, Trade Post, Church, FORT wagon)

Build Order:
age 14 vils → (Bank in transition)
400w → (Bank)
Bank Wagon → (Bank)
700W → (Church, TP, Market, Barrack/Stable ) || 700w → (double outputs in base, Church)
700c → (5 huss “still age fast”) || 600w → (Barracks/Stable, pikes) || save shipment for age 3
age fast
build envoys to get vision
build ruyter/skirm for map control
FORT Wagon → (FORT “either aggressive or defensive”)
Shipment → 9 ruyter || 8 skirms || 5 huss

More Details in ESOC post.