How about - Dutch don’t need musk.

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by that point it becomes a pop question.

that said while good they are somewhat limited, you cant really make your entire army out of them in treaty because of training restrictions.

Why treaty. Hack i m not talking about treeeety here. Just dont play treaty. Play normal proper game. Problem solved.

if you start comparing it to 3 musketeers you are quiet far into the game, by that point you have different priorities.

no one is telling you to buy 50 fussiliers at 20 minutes, that’s not a relevant discussion about the unit.

Give musk to all civs but also banks. Even we can go further, make all civs with the same tech tree.

What I like from this game is the asymetrical balance.

That said, I would like a reskin of skirmisher for Dutch to Arquebusiers.

It’s more thematic, they didn’t fought spanish in guerrilla warfare, but in Dutch formation, something between the Tercio and the Swedish tactics

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