Dutch possibly a greater boom?

So I am not that good in the game to know all strats and what is and is not good. But I cannot stop to thinm about the possibility of Dutch having a great boom via revolution.

So South Africa has the possibility of 3 factory wagons and lets you keep all your vills ans even lets the gather faster. Next to this you have a card you can send which gives all units 5% hp which stacks as you can send it infinite times. You also have the card which allows you to train 30 courour des bois.

Isnt this all together a great boom strat for the Dutch? Only get the extra gather rate for plantation and mill safe the rest, build all your banks and then revolt into South Africa? You will have:

  • 3 factories
  • 7 banks
  • 50 settlers + 30 coureur des bois making you have just as many vills as France
  • A stackable hp upgrade

And perhaps greatest about this is mercenaries? If you get Mameluk, after 3 of the stackable hp shipments you have already like 380 bonus hp, making them even more buff, last game I had Black rider and Mamluke available, isnt that op?

But like I said I dont know all the details and would like other peoples thoughts about this, are there also any other Op revolting civs anyone came across?

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