Dynamic campaign: what i would love to see in Aoe5

I’ll post my review on Aoe4 in the next days, After two months of playing. My opinion Is not good due different reasons: from mediocre graphic to the annoying skirmish and gameplay, no physics and more.

But there a feature that i really would like to see in the next AOE ( Hope It Will be set in the ancient times) and it’s the Dynamic campaigns: It gives another immersione to the game and the feel you are really conquering the enemies.

Relic Is doing a Great job bere with CoH3

And i really Hope they Will use this version of the Essence Engine for the next AOE.


Would you like to see a Dynamic campaign?

The answer is yes. XD

I hope another studio will do AoE 5


I think Relic Is a good studio: AOE5 with the same Dynamic campaign of CoH3, a Better Graphic, AI and more would be perfect.

Another studio to make Aoe5 could be Creative Assembly