Dynasties of India Challenges

HI everyones, so recently I was doing the challenges, but I’m not able to complete the one of the 20 Cammels. I’ve been trying with the Saracens and I even created more than 20 in 3 games but the challenge is not being complete. How can you complete this challenge?

I also did it once and it didn’t count. I repeated a second time and it counted.

The first time, I chose “Show Map”, but the second time I went directly to the main menu. So maybe that was the issue? I know some challenges have had that problem in the past.

Do it with single player and finish game by way defeat AI quickly and easy. But must wait for victory game challenge just count for you finish challenge

I didn’t get the notification when I played a DM scenario to train 20 camel riders as fast as possible, but the Mughal Camel icon profile was available to me. Later I watched the record and after that the notification showed up.

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No just play normal game not DM and no cheat. If played with 2 choice above AOE will not count for you. Every missions quickly but need you spend a standard game. Mỹ choice with AI easy