Dynasties of India creates a lot of precedents

Many updates, dlc’s or free patches for this game added things that we hadn’t seen before, but this new dlc may be the one setting the higher number of precedents (aside from the base game of course):

  • a civ having its name changed
  • an UU being turned into a common/regional unit
  • a civ having its UU changed
  • a civ with three UU
  • a new campaign for two civs who already have their own campaigns, though I’m not sure wether it has been confirmed or not but I think Prithviraj’s campaign will be changed into a Gurjara campaign, which leads to…
  • an entire campaign being repurposed for a new civ
  • an unit with both a ranged and melee attack

Most of those things were already requested (not necessarily for those specific cases) and pretty much all of those could be used elsewhere. The Indian to Hindustani treatment could be applied to the Slavs to replace them with the Rus’/Russians/Ruthenians (pick your favourite) or even older civs such as the Saracens, which countless people want to see get split. The [elite] boyar could be turned into a regional upgrade to the cavalier, replacing the paladin for a few Eastern European civs. The Dracula campaign could become a Vlach one if this civ is ever released, while Magyars and Slavs may finally receive their own campaign for actuall Magyar/Slav people. The Goths could receive a huge rework and have the Huskarl moved to a new Saxon civ, while the gbeto could be moved to a new Fon/Dahomey civ. And so on and so on.

I’m not saying any of those things should absolutely be in the game (though most would be personal choices), I put them there mostly as exemples of things that could be done and invite you to give other exemples that cross your mind.


true no region before got so much better treated.
we can make suggestions so they ‘‘revive’’ old european civs with ugly buildings like brits or mongols.
give a region unit to europe too. not ignore it just because its most of them


I have seen many people suggesting to split Saracens and yet none of them proposed anything that makes sense.

When Saxons get added I will delete the game.


11 same i think. or not buy dlc. but same for north americas


laughs in European region.

You guys are hilarious, for the first time since the games release, India is being shown actual true consideration, and you’re acting like its a slight against other regions.


Exactly I don’t get why there is so much bother over a video game, when you can fight japanese with the famous medieval champions or arbalesters of the Aztecs.

It’s good what they are doing, it’s not perfect but it’s still better than nothing. Don’t bother too much with it lmao.


but admit it is insane. 4 civs, 3 uu for 1 civ, all super eco and techs, special scout, old civ name change, most regional units.

i like it but give europe attention too now (NOT more civs but new units)


Yeah, it’s almost like a region that had 25% of the worlds population and was very diverse is going to require some new stuff to properly reflect that diversity. And instead of celebrating that diversity and being happy you’re sitting here saying “BUT MUH EUROPE” which has been the most catered too region in the game.

dude, Europe has received plenty of attention, the base asthetic for most units in the game is flippin European driven.

you want to know why they don’t get regional units? because their regional units are already covered by the baseline of the game.


but how it is attention? all civs get those. nothing special or regional units for europe. not fair

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Macemen could be regional European units costing food and wood which would be good versus infantry but poor against archers/knights.


good idea! we have no maceman only darkage clubman

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because those civs have to live with european knights, archers, villagers, and monks, instead of the cooresponding units from those regions.

nothing special except nearly 50% of all the civs in the game (18 or 19 out of 42), the base skins for everything being European, not to mention almost every civ in the EU region has its own campaign (sad viking noises).

not to mention most the civs in teh game are European as well.
Europe has plenty of love.





“those civs” can be happy to be even in a game designed for europe medieval.

is unfair if only europe has no exclusive units. so stop the toxic

I think it’s excellent that they’re pushing boundaries with this DLC. This game will just get better and better.

Come to think of it, it they ever make regional units skins then really AoE 2 will be better on all levels compared to AoE IV.


how bout the fact that Paladin is pretty much european exclusive?
how about the fact that Europe has almost half the civs?

peak irony coming from you. You’re literally upset the most represented, and catered too region in this game isn’t getting EVEN more special treatment. how toxic is that?


sure sure ‘‘pretty much’’. cumans persians so on all europe


Cumans settled in Europe by the end, and that’s where the Paladin comes in. Persia is the only other one.

but guess what? all the civs that commonly use the Paladin? European.

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sure sure and huns? or cavalier? all arabs get them and more. europe has no special region unit


I agree, let’s give each region their own variant of Paladin and Cavalier, then finally Europeans can feel special again! :crazy_face: