Dynasties of India creates a lot of precedents

The problem is readability. using 1 unit skin for every version of the same unit makes it a heck of al ot more readable. a knight is a knight is a knight. now imagine if you had to remember 10 different knight skins, and 10 different archer skins. game becomes much more complex. I’m totally for regional Skins. but it has to be client side only.


I think a heavily armored dude on a heavily armored horse will always be recognized as heavy cavalry x)

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but here’s the thing - is it a knight or is it a unique unit?

like i said. make such a thing client side only, and i’m all for it.

I think there is some merit in what @LankyDaisy8966 is saying, but I want to give context for why I think that.
Most of the Euro civs that were added are from the original Ensemble Studios devs and from the very first Forgotten Empires expansion.
Obviously we have to thank Ensemble for making the game, but they made some civs with an extremely loose historical approach and some lacklustre game design.
Forgotten Empires was originally a mod (which I played back before it was official) and was trying to emulate the approach of the original Ensemble civs, which is why they also have a bit of a loose historical approach and some very basic design, even more basic than Ensembles.
Some of the new UTs they added in the FE mod were terrible and they’re still in the game now and still terrible.

But FE (the studio) kept working on expansions and balancing the game and becoming better at making civs and trying out new things.
The campaigns are getting really advanced too and the DLC campaigns have been really good (for the most part.)
I think they’ve been doing a pretty good job.

Since the base game and the FE mod were Euro focused, most of the expansions that FE went on to develop were away from Europe.
And that’s good and I’m not against that, I think every expansion they’ve made has at least one civ I really like.
But I do feel like some more attention could be given to fixing, tweaking and maybe even overhauling some of those old civs.
Maybe even renaming some or fixing some languages for old civs, so that they match the new vision that FE is taking (which I like).
I think the confusing and unspecific identities with some of the older civs is what has helped fuel the continued demand of Euro civs.

A good balance example is the Teutons.
Teutons for many years used to be terrible and there was very little incentive to play them.
Now with Ironclad and the extra melee armour bonus for infantry and cavalry, they feel really good and them being the “melee armour” civ has become their new identity, which was completely created by FE.
I feel like you don’t get any big change ups to old civs like that much anymore and I think there is a lot more to be made.
I hope that FE hasn’t stopped the big changeups because of the expansions and needing bonuses for new civs.

I think it is fair to say that FE has been treating new civs with more care, both historically and civ design, not because they’re biased but because they’ve become more refined and ambitious over time.
But it would be nice if they directed a bit of their energy back to the base game some more.


I have to admit the game is already quite confusing regarding what is or isn’t an UU, with some regional units or unique upgrades counting as UU and not others. Must be quite confusing for Japanese mains and the samurai bonus against UU.

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We have enough europeans civs. Europe already has some of the best civ/units in the game.

Franks. Super knights.

Britons. Super long ranged archers.

Teutons. Super heavy infantry, even super heavy, yet slow knights.

Celts. Awesome death machine siege weapons and fast infantry.

That’s not even them all. Europe has enough civs.


i repeated many times here this is NOT to get more europe civs.
give ALL OLD civs region units. like the new indians who have 3 uu and 2 region units

non europe and europe, saracens persians berbers and so on

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They don’t need them. Most units already look they from Europe anyway. Such as the knights. Yet, Persian Knights didn’t look like that.


so question lanky. when you buff all the old civs by giving them regional units, how do you maintain balance?

in ur calculation u forget, it is already. when many civs get 3 uu different region units and so on.
was no problem for everyone

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who says to buff? same how u maintain balance when u ad new dlc with op civs

There many non Europe civs with only one unique unit or region unit. So, what’s your point?

yes. its not fair for old civs europe or not. stop the europe hate

Europe is loved already. Franks are one of the top picked civs.

u think playing ranked games not design. this is about all old civs NOT JUST EUROPE


Has it occurred to you that a civ with normal units such as the Franks makes them unique for being normal?

If I was a noob, new to the game. The Franks and Britons look normal. Nothing crazy. If I played something like the Incas I would be confused when new to the game.

Also, about the devs being eurocentric, the OG devs wanted the first expansions to be fully about India too or something, as per Sandy. xd

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What do you find ugly about the Britons’ buildings? There are some things I don’t like about them, so I’m wondering if you have similar opinions.

OK let me put it this way
1.The old indians was like Whole Europe In one civ defined by history of turks and saracens
2 . What was the veriety in medival european armies to give multiple uus? If there was any surly it is used
3. Just see the tech trees of new civs are you comfortable to make that many blank spaces here
4. slavs thing I understand but are you ok with removing hun and goth castles and replacing with tents?

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Yes I also hope to see them patch Slavs to fix and change around, or it can be done at the same time of a possible future DLC with Serbs/Croats/Vlachs but this would be so much waiting that it’s very futile.

I like OPs boyar idea. More regional units will make civs more distinct.
I don’t know how I feel about switching from ranged to melee, but I think it could work