Dynasties of India creates a lot of precedents

They don’t need them. Most units already look they from Europe anyway. Such as the knights. Yet, Persian Knights didn’t look like that.


so question lanky. when you buff all the old civs by giving them regional units, how do you maintain balance?

in ur calculation u forget, it is already. when many civs get 3 uu different region units and so on.
was no problem for everyone

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who says to buff? same how u maintain balance when u ad new dlc with op civs

There many non Europe civs with only one unique unit or region unit. So, what’s your point?

yes. its not fair for old civs europe or not. stop the europe hate

Europe is loved already. Franks are one of the top picked civs.

u think playing ranked games not design. this is about all old civs NOT JUST EUROPE


Has it occurred to you that a civ with normal units such as the Franks makes them unique for being normal?

If I was a noob, new to the game. The Franks and Britons look normal. Nothing crazy. If I played something like the Incas I would be confused when new to the game.

Also, about the devs being eurocentric, the OG devs wanted the first expansions to be fully about India too or something, as per Sandy. xd

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What do you find ugly about the Britons’ buildings? There are some things I don’t like about them, so I’m wondering if you have similar opinions.

OK let me put it this way
1.The old indians was like Whole Europe In one civ defined by history of turks and saracens
2 . What was the veriety in medival european armies to give multiple uus? If there was any surly it is used
3. Just see the tech trees of new civs are you comfortable to make that many blank spaces here
4. slavs thing I understand but are you ok with removing hun and goth castles and replacing with tents?

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Yes I also hope to see them patch Slavs to fix and change around, or it can be done at the same time of a possible future DLC with Serbs/Croats/Vlachs but this would be so much waiting that it’s very futile.

I like OPs boyar idea. More regional units will make civs more distinct.
I don’t know how I feel about switching from ranged to melee, but I think it could work


Exactly. It isn’t my fault that they are mainly in Europe but most of the old civs before FE feel shitty imo

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If people are too upset of all this changes, they can revert and play the HD version as well.
In my opinion, if I pay for a Definitive edition of something, I want to see it getting away from the previous versions and providing novelty enough to justify it’s playing and trust.


Not buying the Indian dlc would be sufficient.


Yeah of course but you know people are too radical nowadays :laughing:

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Yeah I didn’t expect they removed Knight line and added in Shrivamsha Rider for the Gurjaras. And yet my hope for Japanese’s Naginata Rider is too far from reach.


If they add more region units to other civs that they haven’t even told us about yet, it may give the game the revitalization and asymmetry it needs


I don’t know if it makes sense for Japanese to have a cavalry UU from a balance perspective.

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