E3 - Your expectations and concerns

In a few days will be E3 and I want to hear your opinions and fears about AOE4. What do you think we will see? Will the beta test start? And will the beta test be open to all insiders?
What did they fix and what didn’t?

I propose to discuss this while waiting for the release :slight_smile:


All other civs being revealed and maybe a real skirmish. Maybe Beta announcement.

Aside AOE4, more details on the DLCs for AOE3 and AOE2 (new civs reveal mostly)

Maybe some surprise annoucement in regards to AOE1 (DLC) and AOM (DE or sequel)


Beta :slight_smile:
Perhaps release date and pre-order.


I do hope we can see fixed arrow size and animations.


Basically I am satisfied with showing anything extra from the game, or at least enabling the beta.

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I think they fixed it for sure. In some interview, they said they were fixing it.


They said the trailer was from an earlier version of the game.

I hope you can have the same palette as in the very first reveal trailer. It seemed me too dark for my taste (admittedly maybe an unpopular opinion.)


Personally it deppends only on Microsoft, not the AOE team if the game shows up or not… i hope it shows up, but i do not know certenly if it will knowing past e3 experiences.

I would expext nothing. You can only be surprised in a positive manner.


Everything. I want everything!

But more realistically, beta programme starting soon after, possible fixed release date, news about the DLCs for AoE2 & 3 and, although unlikely, a surprise reveal for AoE1.


I think AoE 1 DE is probably abandonware at this point. It only has a 24-hour peak of 700 players. There’s not really a big incentive for continued development. The resources are better spent on 2DE and 4.

I am concerned diplomacy won’t exist in AOE4

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Let’s split that into two parts

Microsoft Bethesda E3 showcase

  • Short AoE4 trailer 1-2 minutes (very likely)
  • Cinematic scenes that show little gameplay (likely)
  • Real uncut gameplay (sadly very unlikely)
  • Release date (maybe)
  • Some or all Civilisations get revealed (possible)

E3 but not in the showcase

  • more interviews (likely)
  • Journalists get to play AoE4 (possible)
  • Additional videos (possible)
  • Additional news and press releases (likely)
  • Beta start (can be any day)

I expect nothing except infos on age 4 which were confirmed. always best practice for E3 :smiley:
I think they may show infos on naval warfare and maybe a bit more about the campaigns.
They WILL show (I think) the updated graphics including smaller arrows but not a total change of art style, and also the 4 missing civs.
They will again tell ppl they can become age insiders to join the beta or maybe be able to join it - “today” as I HOPE they will say, but I assume Beta may start within 1 week afte rthe presentation. If beta doesnt start by then, tbh, there are other games to play

also asides from age 4, I hope to see the age 2 dlc more info^^


i think it was conformed in some press release age 4 will be present. just not in which way^^

that would bne a harsh break with traditions.

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I hope they will give us to test BETA!!!

AoE3 doesn’t have ingame diplomacy.
You can only choose teams in the Lobby.
Before AoE3DE there was even only 2 teams or FFA.
People had to make their own triggers for diplomacy in custom maps that mostly worked using a guy with a flag walking between different trigger areas at the edge of the map.

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well… as I said that would be a break with traditions. Age 3 did that a lot, for example also with direct resource gathering. Which, I am sure, is one of the most relevant reasons why age 3 wasnt as succesful. It tried to change too much of the base age formula. Therefore i hope diplomacy will be bacl

They already said that diplomacy will be limited. So I wouldn’t expect more than AoE1/2 has and maybe not even that.
But that is something that can change. It wouldn’t be to hard to implement. They basically only have to write an additional Diplomacy UI.

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