Each civ has own color to relative symbolize its Volksgeist, we need at least 6 more colors in game

The unique color to relative symbolize each civ Volksgeist

(you’re still free to choose, at least we can have uniqueness and maybe association)

Delhi Sultanate: Orange

Chinese: Yellow

French: Blue

The Caliphate: Green

Mongols: Teal

HRE: Gray / Black

English: Peach

Rus: Pink

The October 25 expansion civilizations

Mali: Maroon

Ottoman Empire: Red & Turquoise

Reserved for prominent future civs

Roman / Byzantine: Purple

Japanese: Cyan

Persians: Dark green

Inca: Sky blue

(you can supplement with more civs and their preferably unique Volksgeist color)


but people were complaining about not being free to choose their own color every single match, I honestly dont care about the “civ specific color” I like changing colors all the time. Setting a color to each civ would be a bad idea imo


The idea is just to have the possibility of all-unique colors for each civ, since it’s common to consider the symbol color of each. Could serve as “civ default”. But you choose freely

On another note, this list looks completely arbitrary and full of false stereotypes.

edit: colors stereotypically and nonsensically slapped as a civ’s ‘volksgeit’

You didn’t see my answer @UrbanizedGem684 . Too slow.

Lol What stereotype? These are colors, colors to make ur life more colorful mate

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To me England/Britain is always red. I hated playing Blue England against a red France. Just felt wrong in the campaign.

These color assignment seem almost completely arbitrary.

You could always play any 1x1 as red x blue. But more colors have several advantages, in customization, uniqueness and possible association.

What is Volksgeist?

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Oh god no…


heh , maybe yes but english has always been promoted as blue on this game tbh…

Nooo! the abbasids are yellow!

Red!!! They have been promoted red since the first trailer!

I agree.

YELLOW / purple

ORANGE :cry:

Its my opinion hehehe

I definitely agree with reserving purple for Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire in such a system. We should get more colours, take Warcraft III’s palette as an example.


Color assignments aren’t necessary because we don’t need players to be colors of whatever civ they’re playing as.