Each Civ Ranking Separately , Possible?

sc2 give you completely separate MMRs for each race in ranked,
i think aoe4 should do this too


worst idea of this forum

It does not work in an AOE context. SC2 races are so extremely different that if you are in diamond league with Terran but have not played Zerg, you will drop to gold really fast if you switch. Both macro and a lot of micro is different between races.

In AOE2 95% of your skill is transferable from one civ to another. AOE4 the civs are more distinct and you may be better at playing Mongol compared to Brit, but the difference is still negligible compared to SC2.

That is both an upside and a downside if you compare the games. The downside is that Age of Empires civs are less distinct compared to SC2. The upside is that is much easier to switch civs. In SC2 even if your race is UP it often is no point trying to change your race since you lose so much of the skill you have built up by trying to switch.


We still don’t know the differences of strategy between civilizations before Beta test.
Maybe it’s a good idea that ladder separated between agricultural civ, nomad civ, defense civ or others.

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