Eagle warrior is a bit weak in current 1v1s

Eagle warrior has been nerfed slightly. They are supposed to be knight line replacement for 3 civs. However they are at disadvantage when fighting against knight. That’s also true in team games That’s why Incas Mayans aztecs are not great pocket civs

In castle age, they lose slightly to knight equal resources wise, while being slower, and need a 400 resources upgrade just for eagle warrior.

In imperial age, the elite eagle warrior upgrade is 1300 resources, while cavalier is 600 resources, less than half of the cost, that bring eagle warrior almost same speed at cavalier, but still slower. However in a fight head to head, elite eagle warrior still lose to FU cavalier. It is also much more heavy on gold which is difficult to sustain in 1v1.

I’m not including the unique techs for eagles or the paladin upgrade, those are too expensive and most of 1v1s we don’t see it.

On top of that, the recent swordman buffs and new civs that are good at swordman is also an indirect nerf to eagles. So the civ that is most focussed on eagles–Aztecs, is performing badly, from a top civ to bottom.

Ok my point of eagles being more gold heavy is probably not a great argument, because eagles are countered by a slightly gold costing unit, while cavalier is countered by a trash unit. However the rest of my points still stands.

Their role is to be a raider scout unit not a frontline fighter. If you want a infantry unit that can take on knights try the Teutonic Knights, these units can butcher knights at the expense of being more costly and slow moving.

Eagle warriors are meant to go in snipe a few villagers and retreat not to go to head to head versus knights. If they are to engage in such a situation they need other units to support them. They are the scout line replacement, not knights.

The way you formatted this thread you expect them to go toe to toe vs knights? When the role is meant to be a raider unit. They move fast and do quite a bit of damage at the expense of being lightly infantry. Spearman line or virtually useless against them which is traditionally the counter against scouts units.

As far as I’m aware these civilizations are not struggling so buffing the eagle warrior may have a snowball effect of making them do much better.

Same for cavs it is a raiding unit. Yes it is fast but slower than hussar and slower than paladin. However eagles are knight line replacement not hussar line.

In terms of fighting power they are between paladin and hussar. But it is a gold heavy unit it cannot be a trash unit replacement man.

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Yeah because you’re supposed to mix pikes in with your eagles vs. knights. And monks


I think he means that, if eagles were a decent replacement for knights, they should kill each other; that if they were on the same level, eagles should be able to go toe to toe with knighs. But I don’t agree. Eagles cost 25 food (used to be 20); it’s the lowest cost for any military unit in the entire game. That compensates their relatively high gold cost.

WTF are you all talking about, Eagle Warrior spam is still a thing and that’s one of the reasons why Meso civs are too strong on open maps in 1v1, the fact you need less food economy (which is the hardest res to get in fedual and castle age) makes them soo easy to play and lead to completely unfun situations where you just can’t defend yourself vs that spam (Knights are too expensive and need upgrades to be good, and then you can add pikes and monks, Knights are useless, xbows ofc aren’t even an option, so less siege, and about longswords, well good luck trying to do a forced tech switch into the unit while the eagles are spreading into your farmers and miners, and also then good luck vs siege…).
If anything, they still need another nerf, and that should go to making the upgrades and time researching higher.

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They already have an absurdly high training time in feudal to balance the rush you just described.

Man go and see high level games, isn’t even fedual age where they are a problem, is the castle age where the spam is the problem, especially early castle age.

Why I’m even bothering to answer to someone who is 500 ELO to start with :confused: :confused:

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That’s precisely my point.

You’ve tried to be sassy but you actually agreed with me.

Gee, I’m starting to see how come I turned into such an annoying troll. It’s contact with users like this one. But no one will ever point out his bad manners because apparently he’s high ELO.