EAPM (Effective Actions per Minute) & ELO List

I wasn’t looking at which tc was imping and he destroyed it. I thought "oh good, extra res for camels and when I went for a treb it donned on me that i was still castle and no res for imp…Weirdly, it seems like my eAPM is at least 30-40 on each game but i still lose some…But that’s not a good milestone for level of gameplay

@AoE2Insights Is there a way to gather the average eAPM on a number of matches?

This is very interesting; so based on that graph, this game (https://www.aoe2insights.com/match/49792794/analysis/) and the eAPM, i should be way above the 1150 that I am now

I don’t think this is a valid conclusion. If you look at the scatter plot at 40 EAPM from left to right, you will see there is a wide range of common ratings. Also as stated before by breeminator, EAPM is far from determining the outcome of a game.

Is there a way to gather the average eAPM on a number of matches?

At the moment there is no possibility to do so, apart from calculating the mean by yourself. Since analyzing a game is a quite expensive task, we are unfortunately not able to analyze every game to be able to provide such a user statistics.


Last games I was about 1250 1v1 Elo and didn’t even got to 15 EAPM average

Apparently I am just relaxing and watching the game… :joy:


Thank you for the reply! No, it wasn’t a valid conclusion even when I said it 11, it was just the way the graph looked. Anyway, nicely done!

I think you have potential mate! what map?

realy mean it, you obviously have very good strategies.

That moment in time when you watch the young uns learn that apm and win rate have a correlation…

I mean that’s not that high for a SC player. Especially zerg. So if some waffle is microing his 2 archers to keep his apm up but still doesn’t know a build order…

Or he’s smurf. Or he has just been ranked… The possibilities…

I’m 1150 and my EAPM is about 40-75 on this website, but its hard to understand how to average it from 1 graph.

One thing I’ve noticed is that some players spam actions that will be counted as EAPM when they aren’t really significantly affecting anything. When I mentioned this to someone, they said they liked to keep their fingers working fast, so they maintain a fast rhythm. There may be some merit in this, but it does need to be kept in mind that you can have a high EAPM while having a much lower TEAPM (Truly Effective APM). For example, spamming move commands to almost the same location will give a high EAPM, but would be a low TEAPM, with TEAPM being a hypothetical hard to rigorously define metric that nobody has implemented yet, that I’m aware.

On Arabia. I play Incas 22pop MAA into Archers. I do the build order by Hera though, meaning -> only 1 lumber camp -> with the saved wood I can wall while going up and still build an Archery Range right away and start to produce. I send two spears forward against a knight Civ and two eagles if he has an archer Civ. Since I stay on only one Range I only need 4 on gold and can start building farms right away. This way I might lose my forward rush in late feudal Age but can hit castle Age a lot sooner then my opponent.
In Castle Age I go for more aggressive military production rather then booming.
I usually have 4 barracks and 2 ranges.
If the opponent goes knights I go Eagles + Spears. If the Opponent goes Archers I go full Eagles. If the Opponent goes for Swordsmen I go for Slingers + Eagles.
I also add an forward Siege Workshop as soon as possible.

It’s been working out great for me though I think I could rank higher with more practice and more APM…

~1400 1v1
~2500 TG

EAPM Average: 55-65