EAPM (Effective Actions per Minute) & ELO List

I just learned how to see my EAPM - Effective Actions per Minute
Visit https://www.aoe2insights.com/

Input your ingame name

Select one of your games

Select Analysis

There you will see EAPM - Effective Actions per Minute during the game and of course as average.

So lets see if they reflect to ELO rating!

My ELO 1400 EAPM average 20-30 depending on the game (it is low i know!)

Post your own and lets see if there is a correlation!


1500 elo, 45 eAPM - surprisingly low, it feels more stressful than that :smiley:

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What is considered as EAPM? If that number isnt really clear, then it is meaningless.

it is supposed to be commands to a unit or building. repeat clicks dont count.

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I found their explanation pretty vague.

it is, lets see if they correlate to ELO

My Elo Rating: 1263
My average average EAPM: +/- 25

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My average eAPM is 45.
~1500 elo

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Thanks for bringing up this discussion. To speed things up, here is the relationship between EAPMS and ELO, taken from our database. Please note that only ranked 1v1 RM matches were taken into account and that there might be a bias because only matches someone generated an analysis for were used.


Now I really want to see that one guy with 1100 elo, but 80 EAPM play :smiley:


Very interesting, thank you for sharing. So, like most activities, performance is multi-factorial, correlated with EAPM, but far from completely determined by it. For EAPMs at the lower end of the spectrum, there appears to be an ELO ceiling that it is very hard to exceed with that EAPM. E.g. with an EAPM around 20, it seems that pretty much nobody manages to exceed 1700 ELO.

One very important thing that I want to highlight, though, is that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “the fact that there are players at 2200 with 30 EAPM shows an EAPM of 30 is no obstacle to reaching that level”. This is not a valid inference. The players who are at 2200 with around 30 EAPM are performing at the same standard as people who have over 60 EAPM by virtue of being exceptional in other ways that are compensating for their lack of EAPM. These other factors are almost certainly affected by both talent and training, such that not everyone will be able to achieve the same level of performance with 30 EAPM, as they may not have the same talent for the other factors.

It would be interesting to analyse other factors in performance via automated analysis, but obviously many of the other factors that differentiate players are massively harder to automate an assessment of. There are some that would be fairly simple, such as dark age TC idle time, and time spent housed. In isolation, these things would be much like EAPM - correlated with ELO, but with a spread at each ELO level. But if they were combined into a weighted score, I’d expect the relationship to become a little tighter, the more things are accounted for, i.e. some people may waste their high EAPM by doing the wrong things and still having TC idle time or getting housed, which would lead to them having above average EAPM for their ELO, and a weighted score would capture the different factors cancelling out.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also would like to add, that the chart displays certain players within certain matches. In my humble opinion, that has some important implications, e.g

  • The chart says nothing about winning or losing a specific match, so a high ELO player might underperform in a certain match and also gets punished for that
  • The dataset contains also very short/aborted games (< 1 minute), which does not represent the overall EAPM performance during a full match

Therefore I don’t think there is much value in focusing at the outliers. Also I believe there is a substantial dependence between decision making and EAPM in the way that a player might be capable of a higher EAPM, but incapable of making more decisions.


There is definately a bias since most of us that create analysis are aoe 2 fanatics.

You have done good work there and you must advertise it a bit more, i just heard about it.


Might be a pro from another game, Who had the Speed but doesnt understand the game. Watch Day9 play aoe2, for example.

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Could you explain what actions are EAPMs? Like i already said this isnt clear to me.

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We are analyzing the saved game files and count every action associated with a user. Actions in the sense of a saved game are whatever has impact on the game.

To give you some examples:

  • Attack at direction xy -> 1 action
  • Move unit to xy -> 1 action
  • Research tech -> 1 action
  • Townbell -> 1 action
  • Jump to unit x -> 0 actions
  • Select units -> 0 actions
  • Select building -> 0 actions

If i charge at archers and constantly change Formation to dodge arrows, does every click count as an action?

Yes, every change of formation should count.

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This is very interesting; so based on that graph, this game (https://www.aoe2insights.com/match/49792794/analysis/) and the eAPM, i should be way above the 1150 that I am now

I was looking at the stats of that game, and it looked like you were beating patches in every category. But you lost? How did you lose?