Earlier Zhuge Nu? / Hints of Changes in the Chinese unit compisition?

Earlier Zhuge Nu? / Hints of Changes in the Chinese unit composition?

When the roster of some unique units of the Zhu Xi variant civ came out, specifically the “Earlier Zhuge Nu” there was something that seemed curious to me about this name:

At the moment (Season 5), the ZhugeNu is a Feudal Age unit of Chinese civilization, unlocked by building 2 landmarks. It has two other forms: in the Castle Age (III) as Veteran ZhugeNu and in Imperial (IV) as Elite ZhugeNu.

However, the description of the new civ variant mentions that there will not only be an Earlier Grenadier, but also an Earlier ZhugeNu. If we consider that this unit was normally unlocked in the Feudal Age, will the earlier be built in the Dark Age without Landmarks involved? If so, many possibilities happen:

  1. Zhuge Nu from Dark Age.- Capable of raiding the dark age from a distance, a new rush is coming that is quite scary, but great for those who use this civ as a new main.

  2. Zhuge Nu will now become of the Castle Age.- And the Earlier Zhuge Nu will be of the Feudal Age. If this is so, now the Fire Lancer will be the Chinese feudal age unit? Will there be changes in the composition of the parent civ? Only time will tell.

  3. Zhuge Nu is unlocked in Feudal for ZhuXi, Earlier Grenadier in Castles, and “something else” in Imperial?.- It remains unclear what the extra imperial unique unit for this variant civ will be when building two landmarks. The Imperial Guard and Yuan Rider are only known to be unlocked by teching one Imperial Landmark, but not by building two. In fact, one might wonder: Will units continue to be unlocked per Dynasty or do they only receive a bonus for it?

There remain many unknowns and much to theorize. Share your opinions please.

I think it means that you get zhuge nus whitout the need of getting song dynasty so you just do a normal age up to feudal and can start making zhuge nus.


Aussie Drongo talked about this. He said those units won’t require unlocking the dynasties, Zhuge Nus will still be Feudal Age units, while Grenadiers will be unlocked when reaching Imperial, not Castle Age.

No it just means you don’t need to get 2 landmark to get them, for all 3 special units.

Zhugenu is still in Feudal
Fire lancer still in castle
Grenadier still in imperial.

But you don’t need 2 landmark for them.

Now what I’m scared of is a Palace Guard + Zhugenu rush. It’s already hard to defend against zhugenu with regular china. I have no idea how we going to handle palace guard + zhugenu rush without the additional landmark requirement.

It makes sense, maybe that explains why there is no definition on the main page of earlier grenadier as a new unit, but there is the palace guard.

Speaking of which: although the description on the main page describes the grenadier, it does not describe the Fire lancer, nor the Nest of Bees. That also makes me think that they will lack these last 2 units. Whereas one of the epithets of the Chinese father civ are: Dynasties, Gunpowder, Taxes; Maybe the key really is in the epithets. What would be the epithets of the Zhu Xi variant civ?

On the other hand, in the event that the variant civ had Fire Lancer and even Nest of Bees, the main civ would then rather have a defect, having to unlock dynasties precisely to obtain units that the variant civ does not need to unlock.

Well, I suppose that after a few weeks there will be a balance for it, if apart from the DLC, season 6 also includes extra changes for the original factions.

En fin, solo el tiempo lo dirá.

Me too, and considering that they began with a Imperial Officer, the only need to build a archery range inmediately in feudal and use the ability of the officer to boost an early army of ZhugeNus instantly.

The new civ will definitely be less gunpowder focus.

Not sure if they totally remove nest of bees, but i can expect that they remove the nest of hees upgrades at least like the reusable barrel, pyrotechnics. And not give chemistry for free.

I wouldn’t worry about dark age rushes. Even the English can’t really do that. The dark age in AoE4 is a 4.5-minute race to set up your economy and get to feudal. That’s it.

I’d love a little more dark age nuance, but that’s not changing anytime soon. It’s core to the design of the game.