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First of all, thank you very much for all these very good scenarios, both very well written in terms of narration, rich in terms of history and above all pleasant to play; especially the “Haiku Ronin” scenario, very pleasant and sensitive about a little-known period, plus I really like poetry, it’s my “fleur bleue” or romantic side.

However, I encountered a problem with the “Tristan et Iseult” scenario: the game crashes continuously at the same point, as soon as the scenario launches part 2 with the sinking of the ship containing Tristan prisoner.

No matter how I restart the game, beat Morlhault in a duel with Marke to get to the point where our two heroes are captured by the Irish, I always end up with a crash just as the title of part 2 appears on the screen. I was wondering if there would be a patch in the future to fix this technical problem, or if a solution might already exist ? Have other people like me encountered the same problem ?

It’s a pity, because I was having a good time with this scenario and wanted to see more. Of course, I understand that it’s an old scenario, so I guess I can’t expect much more. Anyway, while I’m waiting for an answer, thanks for all these great mission scenarios, they undoubtedly require a lot of time and personal investment, and they’re very fine work.

P.S : Edit : deer can no longer be killed, so it’s impossible to kill the “white tail stag” in mission 1 of the “children of a dying sun” campaign … It took me a while to figure out what was wrong, too bad because it completely blocks the scenario.