Early game penalty changes, and disconnection

Disconnections lately seems to be a regular occurrence… please add some changes to the punishment system.

-Early game disconnection does not penalize the players, unless a player disconnects at the start of a new game after.
-Players who leave a game early due to someone disconnecting in the team at the start does not effect the player.

if a player disconnects from a game mode, in the first 5mins, a player on the other team with the lowest score will also be removed from the game, this way games will stay even and players wont feel a need to quit because it becomes a 2 v 3 for example.

What a terrible idea. I would hate it if i randomly got dropped after a disconnection of an enemy. Also why lowest score? Score isnt really that accurate in the early games to see who is the best and who is the worst player. If you dont scout a lot, because you are luring your deer with your scout, then your rating is lower. Does that mean you are playing worse? Probably not.


no one that got removed cause of a player disconnecting would like it…
the point it, it balances the game from the start you don’t seem to realise when a player drops on a team majority of the time that team just quits playing and leaves, the only thing the person who gets removed is a free elo boost, while the other players get punished because a player on their side dropped out.

and no lowest score isn’t the be all tell all, but if both sides have a disconnect even if its extremely rare, it’ll kick that player more than likely.

Who actually cares about Team Game ELO? Just play the game. You’ll still improve from the knowledge you gain when you lose


I am finding this rule extremely useless. My game crashes ( no idea why ) . I 've had game crashes almost once a day and I constantly am banned 1 hour to 30 mins ( alternate ) after each crash which is not my fault!!! Isn’t there a better way to discourage players from quitting than this imperfect way??

Judging by the lack of complaints from others. The issue seems to be on your end. If you resolve it, you won’t get punished

I’m not saying the punishment system is good though. Because everyone can avoid punishment and still abuse their elo and thereby abuse their opponents

So all this system does is punish you and allies on a team when a player drops (the innocent)

This must be a record :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

time to upgrade your PC