Early Modern English Translations?

I’m just curious what the English units are saying in this game. The sound design and voice work is quite impressive, and i have a feel at least some of the units might be saying something amusing. Here’s my best guess as to what some of the English units are saying in the Imperial Age and sorry for any of my misspellings…

“Ye-yea? Ye ready for hestus.”-> “Yes? I’m ready for orders.”
“What needest thou of me?” → “What do you need from me?”
“Hark and aller! Hestus are coming.”-> “Listen everyone! Orders are coming?”
“Ready to gone.” → “Ready to go.”
“Ugg! Non rester for the shrewed.”-> “Ugg! No rest for the weary.”
“Ick will hoonter that dune right non.” → “I will hunt that deer right now.”
“Ye ready for the next worker on the roller?”-> “Are you ready for the next project to get started?”
“Ick will get this building and build it for thee.” → “I will get this building built for you.”
“Moving, ahh me shankers aren’t what they were.” → “Moving, ahh my legs aren’t what they used to be.”
“Building to put an upper.”-> “Putting up a building.”
“Good worker done a reeta.” → “I did some good work here.”
“Yer will is me deeta.” → “Ill do what you want.”
“Looking forward to the miners.” → “Looking forward to mining.”
“Looking forward to working in the wold.” → Looking forward to working in the forest."

“Ye ready for hestus and glory!” → “I’m ready for orders and glory.”
“Me hoonger for the actor!” → “I’m hungry for some action!”
“Me speara is theena!”-> “My spear is thirsty.”

Man at arms…
“Sendeth me forth!” → “Send me forth!”
“Ye hestus shall be obeyed” → “Your orders will be obeyed.”

“Sayest thou to me, whoest thou desirest a shot?” → “Tell me, who should I shoot?”
“Addressa me at a worthy poota tag.” → “Talk to me at a better time.”
“Hoost thou havest me hoonter?” → “Who would you like me to hunt?”

“What need ana bolt?” → “What needs a bolt?”
“What would thou havest me do?” → What do you want me to do?"
“Ye ready to hear in hestus.” → “I’m ready to hear your orders.”

Hand Cannoneer
“What shalt ye do?” → “What should I do?”
“Who wishes to shot?” → “Who should I shoot?”
“Commandament!” → “Command me!”

“Obedience to virtue is wellfull.”-> “Staying virtuous is most fulfilling.”
“Ick shall obey.”-> “I will obey.”
“Your will is me deeta.” → “Your will is my command.”

Anyway, that’s my best guess. Anyone know if i was right, and does anyone know any of the other unit translations?


I don’t have any data to add, but this is an awesome post.

I’d love to see the official translations posted somewhere by civ → unit.

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Great post. Hope we can get translations for all 8 cvis.

Here are a few more lines i think I’ve figured out…

“Going there righta non.” → “Going there right now.”
“Me have seat of the foe!” → “I can see the enemy!”
“Scout reporting, foes near me!” → “Scout reporting enemies near me!”

“Hooshes arwaymen, and hear the hestus.” → “Be quiet longbowmen, and listen to the orders.”
“A shota in the foes heart!” → “A shot to the enemy’s heart!”

“Ick on me duty.” → “It is my duty.”
“Hark and to hestus men.” → “Listen to the orders men.”
“We obeda, and reeda forth!” → We obey and ride forth!
“Ye company will be welcome frankas.” → “Your company is welcome friends.”
“Forth men, and nay hiding at the back!” → “Forward men, and don’t hide in the back.”

Seige Equipment…
“Hestus for the engine.” → “Orders for the engine.”
“Hestus? What needeth blissinga?” → “Orders? What needs to be destroyed?”
“Ye hestus will be obeyed.” → “Your orders will be obeyed.”
“Hark men! Followin the artilleries.” → “Listen men! Follow the artillery.”

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