Early strategies should not be weakened

This patch weakened the opponent’s 2nd age ram rush a lot.
Even those who adopt the 2TC strategy without any reconnaissance can prevent it even if they prepare for the opponent’s advancement.
If the early aggressive strategy begins to lose power, most games will be played only with the 2TC strategy without worrying.
The cost of 300w of ram is never a small cost. You can notice if the other person is preparing for this by looking at the number of vil logging trees through reconnaissance.
I’m very concerned that Ram received a nerf even though it’s not an unstoppable strategy.
It hasn’t been long since it was patched, but the direction of excessively weakening these early strategies eliminates various strategic options.

I know there are users who want to enjoy large-scale volume battles or siege battles after developing to 4th age, but I want to enjoy more diverse options of ‘Rock-paper-scissors’. It’s boring to compete only whose ‘Scissors’ are strong. It’s not funny.


you must be English or Mongol player who only tries to cheese their opponents with ram rushes? It’s mostly those civs that abuse early ram pushes because of how bullshitly overpowered English age2 landmark is and Mongols are just overtuned in general. Yes I can play both of those civs as well and I can promise you that I played bunch of matches where I auto-piloted my opening into a ram rush every single time and stomped my opponent even though he played correctly by building units, using vills etc. I can tell you right now that doing ram rush, especially with those civs is the easiest, least skillful thing I’ve ever done in any AoE title that I’ve played. Unskillful strategies should be weakened, full stop.

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I haven’t seen many games where Lam Rush succeeds in the 1400++ game. Ram rush is not difficult to stop if it carries out only a very basic tactic of early reconnaissance. (You should make an exception to Mongolia you mentioned. This is because Mongolia is difficult to prevent even if it is not a ram rush.)
It is certain that England’s landmark needs a nuff, but due to their current system structure, England must attack a lot at 2nd age to solve the time later.
This imbalance requires a nuff for the civilization. If ram, a common unit of all civilizations, is nerfed, civilizations with weak early time will have no choice at all.


“even though he played correctly by building units, using vills etc.”

No, he didn’t play correctly because he lost against your rush, that’s it. On high elo the ram rush wasn’t used that much because it was quite expensive and everyone survives it.

The problem is that these changes make the games much longer what’s always quite bad. 50 minutes games are terrible, and I hope we won’t go that way in the long term. Now the meta started to change into walling and boring siege plays with a lot of castle/keep. It’s just boring.
AoE2 trash unit spam in the end game is also terrible.

I think the best would be to target a maximum of 30 min long games that are still quite long, but still better than the 50 min long imperial siege trash game when they can’t do anything with each other. It’s terrible to play and terrible to watch.

That’s why I hope we will see new changes in the spring update to give more space to early fights because these 2-3 TC hour-long matches are just bad.


I agree. It’s not good not to play long-term games, but it’s not good for most games to go for an hour. However, what I said in the text is that we should be wary of the disappearance of strategic options one by one regardless of the preference for long-term and short-term wars.

Early rush should be weakened.I am glad they nerf the early rush.they needed it its annoying to be rush so early.i don’t enjoy short games if u enjoy short game go on a different game then. Long Games are fun.

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Didnt Creative Assembly tricked that by making Blood and Gore a DLC with higher Age rating for Total War Warhammer 1 or 2?

Not sure but think so.

I agree. Ram rush should survive.

Some people believe feudal ram pushes still work (vs greedy playstyles) against the extra town centers and other buildings that are not main town center.

It is logical that in closed maps a greedy strategy is imposed more than an all in, and yes, it would be necessary to see if a rams all in beats a greedy strat in an opened map more than the opposite and that can only be seen with some time.

It still highly viable against over greedy builds, I still do it a lot of times.
But this ram push shouldn’t be an all in now. You may not be able to kill your opponent there but you can still cause a lot of damage and iddle time while you age or boom behind the push.

Has the meta moved towards 2 TC?

As far as I can see English, Mongols, French, HRE and Rus all get more of a benefit from Fast Castling than doing a 2nd TC.

I agree though that nerfing rams wasn’t necessary. If say Longbow+Ram was considered too good, nerf the Longbow. Or perhaps the Council Hall.

Meta will be moving to whoever Spams the most TCS as RAMS are not really that useful in feudal anymore. I spam 3 tc most of my games and don’t really struggle vs RAMS and the way they were, Being able to take target fire and having the HP they had, was just fine.

The change wasn’t notified to us but it also happened because 60% of our player base discussed that RAM was too strong and the Balance team wants to do what’s right but also wants to listen to us.

Unless they revert the ability for RAMS to take target fire from Town centers and keeps [ not towers ] Then we will see our selves in 1h+ games most of the times

Rushing is stupid and literally not what the game is about. You are one of those that wastes everyones time online.

The majority are not interested in having settlers killed after 10 minutes.

So boring.

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English castle is a 2nd TC =)

You mean, unless they remove a players ability to play the game, then games will take longer. :joy:

Anyone making the argument that a player should be able to select the targets their TC’s fire upon is silly.

They did nerf the longbow via campfires, and by buffing crossbows. Also, maybe don’t further nerf the one unit that the English have that isn’t generic. Alternatively, give them an additional unique unit.

early MAA just doesn’t count, and Iron clad is a buff to a generic unit. It’s maybe worth half a unique unit at most. Ribauld and shattering projectile might as well not exist, making things even more generic.

Exactly. Why bother with going 2 TC when you can both age up and effectively get one in the bargain?
Rus+HRE both benefit from going and grabbing relics early. Mongols go crazy on gold for Lancers/Springalds. The details on French are perhaps a bit more mathematically complex but I suspect there’s not much in it - and again, you want to be Castle Age for other bonuses.

I’d rather end the game in 10 minutes then wait for a Chinese firelancer rush. That’s like 30 mins wasted for some cheese strat.

IMO they should incentivise early rushes so people learn to counter it and boom. Just letting people play sim city FarmVille till 30 mins is boring