Easiest way to complete 1000 kills for jolly co-op event?

Me and my wife plays casually and picked up co-op missions for the very first time for the event. We have limited time and 1000 kills for the last task seems daunting. What are the easiest and quickest missions to complete that task?

Yesterday I tried the first Alaric campaign and I killed around 230, if that helps

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I managed to do it in two games, by playing the 6th Tamerlane mission and the 4th Suryarvaman mission. The Tamerlane mission is good for this objective because there will be one big battle no matter what while with the other one you’re up against two Malay enemies who will spam squishy units your way which is good to rack up kills.


I did it over the Alaric missions & the first Tamerlane one.

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Give yourselves handicap +200%
Go vs Hardest AI
Play with AI if you can’t both play at the same time
Remember you don’t need to win

On hardest difficulty the AI will make more units, the handicap helps you make more units. So in general more units die. Since you don’t have to win just take a big fight as fast as possible, when it looks like you’ve won or lost just resign and restart.

I did this one pretty fast using some of the goth campaign missions.

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Yesterday I learnt that buildings do count toward this objective so razing houses and small stuff like that can help too.

I think it’s just a really bad design to lock cheat codes behind events. I’m fine if it gave say, early limited access for a month, and then anyone can use it, but the current system is not great.

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agree one hundred percent and double for an event aimed at people who play co op which are much more likely to play less often together than a person playing solo.